Friday, February 9, 2007

Ghost Ride Jackin

This white kid is ghost ridin his whip then gets jacked

IT SLAPS: Lil Scrappy, Sean Paul - Oh Yeah [Work]

Lil Scrappy, Sean Paul - Oh Yeah [Work]

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Movie (ATHF:The Movie)

Aqua Teen Hunger Force: The Movie

Aqua Teen Hunger Force: The Movie
Coming soon. Very Funny!

Intercoms: Fun at Walmart and Target

These jigs recorded themselves swearing into a tape then played the tape over intercoms at various department stores. As a former Best Buy employee I have my fun with the intercoms they are hilarious, these kids have their own fun. But fun to be had by all. But the idea of this is funnier that what the video had to offer.


We Built It: Web 2.0

It gets you thinking!

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Peyton, Dungy, bring it on home, its bout to be a wrap.

Leading by 2 at halftime of Super Bowl XLI, all the Indianapolis Colts have to do is just hang onto the football. The Colts will continue to roll over the Bears defense. Peyton has figured them out. But that does not matter. The Bears will not score again in the second half. The Colts are playing loose and with something to prove. Plus the Bears have Rex Grossman, come on do you trust this kid in the biggest game in the universe? Did you see him fumble, this kid cant even handle the snap. There were good commercials, Bud had a good one.

Super Bowl XXLI Colts Vs. Bears Ad not allowed to air.

In another act of censorship the FCC has rejected a super bowl ad from The ad was originally set to air during Super Bowl XXLI Colts Vs. Bears. The ad is similar to last year’s ad. commercial for Super Bowl XXL got the treatment as this years. The video shows a busty woman in a low cut top posing for the camera. The former super bowl bound commercial is available on the internets to view, if you wish to seek it out. The video is no worse than anything you see on network television. It’s even easier to watch than those freakin male enhancement products that the NFL loves to air. There is nothing worse than listening to a network announcer talk about four hour erections.

Good Night!!