Tuesday, March 13, 2007

SLOMing Its a social thing.

So Im sure you have seen or heard these anti drug commercials. They compare teens drug use to sticking leeches on themselves. The public ad interviews students and teachers talking about the problem.
One student says its a social thing, she wouldn't SLOM (haha its funny) alone. As far as these type of commercials its pretty good.
So its a social thing, so what I say. If it takes leeches to bring these kids together for some fun let them be leeched. Anyways you can't have a social event (party) without drugs and alcohol. It just wouldn't be the same.

Monday, March 12, 2007

The Five Second Rule


Just a friendly reminder to all the haters out there. Say what want you can't hold us back.

No matter what I do somebody will hate on it
I can't worry about them
Doin my own thing
fuck these haters

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Late the other night a friend asked me how I viewed things in this world of ours.

My answer went a little bit like this.

Question everyone, question everything. Don't let anybody tell you what to do. Live day by day. Don't live for the future or the past, just live. Each second a new one begins. Remember as much as possible. Learn as much as you can. Learn what you want to. Focus on every detail. Meet as many people as you can. Do anything you want to. If you take away everything from me I still have my mind. If they put me in jail I will still be entertained. Laugh every minute. Have ideas of things. Abandon your beliefs every so often. Start from scratch everyday. There is no belief. There is no faith. There is no luck. There is no cool. Go on as many road trips as possible. Experience everything. Question the beliefs you hold true to heart. There is no fear. We are a spec in the universe. Each person in our world has their own view of it, thats over 10 billion philosophies on life. Who am I to tell you anything. Don't loose any friendships. Nobody can hold us down. You can't label me. There is no regret. Come up as much as you can. Your family will always be there. There is no right answer. Make fun of everything, and everyone including yourself. FIGHT THE POWERS THAT BE. Don't be status quo, don't promote status que, be yourself. You only have one body act accordingly. Each day is a new opportunity. If you think of something say it or write it down, otherwise you might forget it, that idea could of been worth a million dollars. There are a million ways to die. Nature is the most powerful thing in our world.

Im tired now
More on this another day.