Thursday, July 26, 2007

Mike Vick understands his charges

Michael Vick was greeted with a chorus of boos while the star QB walked with his lawyers into a federal courthouse Richmond, Virgina. Vick and the two other defendants were released on bail after two hearings. The only words Vick spoke in the courtroom were "Yes I do" when the judged asked him if he understood the charges. Vick was asked to surrender his dog breeding license. The judge also explained the two other defendants are subjected to drug testing and must wear ankle GPSs to ensure they do not flea. Vick was only asked to stay at home until the legal precedings have finished.

Vicks lawyers entered a NO GUILTY plea. Vick with his high priced legal team will attempt to exonerate the most exciting player in sports of all charges.

THE FIX IS IN! NBA Referee Tim Donaghy

NBA Referee Tim Donaghy pictured with KOBE BRYANT

NBA referee Tim Donaghy should be placed in protective custody after receiving death threats from the freakin MOB. This official is way too deep into this scandal. His actions will have fans questioning weather current officials are shaving points for ever.

What I am wondering is how this guy got caught up in this? Was he just a degenerate gambler who got in way over his head, got mixed up with the mob, and forced to change the outcome of games. With all the questionable calls in the NBA we must ask, was he one of many referees on the mobs payroll?

There are many possible outcomes with this story. As the days roll on it is only gonna get more interesting.