Thursday, September 3, 2009


My grandmother once told me that if something seems too good to be true, it usually is.
Much like the talking points on health care, the bulletin points and bumper sticker slogans regrading torture and war policies, are completely absurd and wrong but are re-branded and regurgitated by supposedly important, respected, independent individuals and media outlets. The well funded, well oiled conservative movement must be stopped, one heart and mind at a time. Institutions like the Heritage Foundation are funded by corporate and republican power. The neo-conservative policies that are being sold have been shown to destroy social safety nets, protect corporate power, suppress labor power and make it impossible for poor people to stand a fair chance! Insulations like this seek to restore the Fascist America that was shoved down our throats during the Reagan and Bush presidencies. Think tanks are established institutions we expecting the opposition to use their resources in this way. Worse than neo-conservative think tanks are corporate front groups like the Conservatives for Patients Rights. They all have friendly sounding names. They are all funded by corporate and republican money. Take Americans for Prosperity, a great unifying name. Who can be against prosperity for Americans? The problem is Americans for Prosperity are seeking Prosperity for less than one percent of the population and the wealthiest. My favorite is Americans Against Food Taxes. These scumbags are deceiving individuals who are easily convinced and generally uninformed. Funded by the Soda and Sugar industries, this front group seeks to peddle cheap sugary drink that fatten our kids up and stain their teeth. Items like this are not beneficial nor important for a healthy life. The least we can do to help our cities and States in times like this, is to tax things we do not need, like candy and soda! Makes fucking perfect sense too me. We are not taking the choice way but are reflecting the damage done to your body, the price will reflect a truer value of the candy bar or soda. But the fascist buddies at Americans Against Food Taxes are making insane profits and will not give these up without a fight, so lets BATTLE!!!

Well, Alberto Gonzales was on his way to gaining much needed respect. But Gonzo must have been reached by forces greater than him. The conservative movement cannot have one of their top lawyers implicating fellow Fascists. The turn around is on par with individuals who cower when under pressure from the corporate interests. But we were expecting this from an individual with such moral and intellectual superiority.
In more inserting and inspiring news, progressives in the House are letting their voices be heard and will not cower while under pressure from corporate pressure. Unlike some democrats and all opposition, these noble souls will fight and not give inch, because the opposition owes us many feet!


U.S. Sen. Jim Infofe is a fascist, willing to protect his power at any cost. He recently said some outrageous things to try and Sheppard the heard. To small minds, old white men, powerful and well connected businesses, this is a rallying cry! Stop this hard working, truth seeking, protector of the free world. Restore our form of American Corporate Fascism, give to the rich, rob and destroy the poor. We cannot let our democracy be held down buy people like this scumbag and his cronies, their corruption must be stopped.

"They've become political terrorists, willing to say or do anything to prevent the country from reaching a consensus on one of its most serious domestic problems."
Steven Pearlstein

Like little babies crying for a bottle, conservatives, corporate power protectors are crying at the top of their lungs. Trying to heard the sheep. Screaming at the top of their lungs at sparsely diverse crowds. WE GOT TO TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY FROM THIS NIGGER!!! Is what he meant to say.

An elected official cannot be screaming fire in a crowded theater, and this needs to stop. False threats of government takeover, load up on your ammo because the liberal NIGGER is coming for your guns!!! He will make schools teach science, as well as proper civil discourse.

Sen. Inhofe is one of a small minority of senators opposed to expanding access to students by lowering interest rates. According to the Claremore Daily Progress, Inhofe was one of 12 senators who voted against a 2007 bill to cut interest rates on student loans in half from 6.8% to 3.4%. The bill passed 79-12

This lowlife, corporate protecting individual will do what ever it takes keep their people in power. Any opportunity public policy might improve life and give disadvantaged people a fair shot, his corporatist friends and movement will seek to destroy it.


An Empire is not built in one day. America has been under attack and in the clutches of corporate fascism for awhile. Like an octopus the fascist have their tentacles around our democracy. The K Street project was the brain child of three well connected individuals, people who seek power, fortune, fame and a American Aristocracy. One percenters, fascist is a fitting label. These power hungry sharks are Grover Norquis, Rick Santorum, Tom DeLay. This project seeks to restore the corporate fascism that was forced upon us during the Bush years.


Free trade is manipulated by the corporatist to ensure wages are down, labor unions and power are suppressed and broken if possible, the general value of a product and labor is not reflected in the price and corrodes the market value of any item. Externalized costs, such as cheap labor and cheap resources will not allow for true cost of an item when small businesses in America cannot exploit their wage earners but compete with the corporations that can take advantage of third world countries and reap more profit. This is why we do not need free trade, our taxes and trade agreements must reflect the true value of labor and resources. A tax burden on must be placed on those who exploit resources and workers.

The scumbags who peddle lies and fear come from many different voices, but all echoing the same chorus. Power is built is numerous ways, religious community, business, political and straight up lobbyists, strategists and whackos. These institutions are setup similar to Astroturf in a stadium. Hired workers build and care for the field and the sheep follow the heard. Religious leaders, chambers of commerce, associations of Doctors are all created and manipulated by the tyranny of fascism. Our democracy, at least in the near future, will not be free of the influences of corrupt corporate power but we can expose and destroy their influence.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009



A young Carl Rove, trying to find the next great white hype, a true air to the throne left by Bush Jr.
When a person donates at least $700,000 to the republican party, what are they expecting in return? This poses another question, what are they giving him and how it will influence public policy


Pope is bankrolling half of a civil war in the GOP to purge Republican moderates in the state House of Representatives.


The great thing about people like this, once they commit, they do not surrender or changer their views. Our advantage is, the ground has shifted under them. The politics of fear,political opportunism the well know traits are being re-branded, and trying to be sold to people who well not be convinced. PuttingThey are backing themselves into a corner. One where old white rich guys are the only people who vote for them. As we know, this block of voters are usually connected or too enraged to see the whole problem. It is also the quickness shrinking electorate, while minorities are the fastest growing portion of voters. instead of realizing their mistakes, and admitting their failures

"We are creating a freedom movement in the state," said Chris Neeley, director of one of the Pope-funded groups



I am a little hot this morning, things seem to be boiling, heating up. I apologize for the swearing in advance, but in matters of crisis and heated moments it is what I revert to. What I am hoping that is happening, is the opposition is starting to crack! They are freakin NUTZO! Blood covenants, death panels and dead grandmas? Sounds like a terrible rap album. THEY WILL SAY ANYTHING TO PROTECT THEIR CORPORATE POWER!!!


Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, Presidential failure John McCain, Kit Bond, George Voinovich, and Roy Blunt
are all fierce opponents of health care reform, I prefer to call them proponents of Fascism. These scumbags have the last ring of hell reserved for them. How do they keep straight faces when speaking in public? These elected leaders are using the system they are trashing. These scumbags, have major operations or other procedures at publicly funded hospitals!! How can you not support a program you take advantage of??? More bizarro world proof!!!

But I forget they do not work for us, they are fascists, elected by the top 1 percent. They work to protect the profits of a few individuals and corporations at the determent of the greater population.

9th point of FASCISM

Corporate Power is Protected: The industrial and business aristocracy of a fascist nation often are the ones who put the government leaders into power, creating a mutually beneficial business/government relationship and power elite.

Are people actually believing this nonsense? I guess, since it is a well funded, well connected opposition we are up against. Health insurances companies are gouging me and most Americans. They will do anything to keep the status quo and keep their absurd profits. They confuse and encourage despair by asserting BLUE DOGS, GANG OF SIX will die before health care passes!

Bachmann: "What we have to do today is make a covenant, to slit our wrists, be blood brothers on this thing. This will not pass. We will do whatever it takes."

No, this crazy whore is not fighting the devil, I believe she thinks that, but thats another conversation, another day. She is protecting corporate power, enraged by Savages, I mean WEINERS!!!

Numbers nine and ten on the fourteen points of fascism line up perfectly in this instance. insuring every citizen in America will lead to a better, more healthy workforce, and most important for businessman, a more productive workforce. So we live longer, more babies survive but these fascists are not concerned with compassionate things like this, they are concerned with maximizing profits and shareholders dividends not creating a functional society for all but a society who protects the top 1 percent at any cost.


Where we choose who to go wage war against, where the majority of the top one percent of wealthiest will do anything to protect their friends. Senators, governors are fighting tooth and nail to derail and protect the absurd profits the health insurances reap at our expense.

So you think we have two parties working for the country? One would think in this time of crisis, where 60% of people going bankrupt because of the expensive health care costs, our prominent elected officials would be working to solve the problem.
Not in America. Sure we have our horses in the race, a lot of great people are doing great things around the health care problem. But I must ask WHAT WE ARE ALL THINKING!


Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I believe United States Representative Lynn Jenkins is cold blooded, heartless, unforgiving, RUDE and even lewd. When a person claims that the oil prices have went up because of "excess regulation" they are usually well connected to the oil industry itself or protecting the status quo for their self interest. This woman knows how to play hardball politics in the Bush and Cheney form. The problem, the ground has shifted under these titans of the political argument. Under scrutiny these arguments fail. This is why the democrats have a huge majority and have their man in the White House.

We cannot have elected officials who are unaware of the racial tensions exposed when a white person uses the phrases GREAT WHITE HYPE. SHE WAS UNAWARE!! SHE IS...a freakin scumbag. WHEN A BLACK MAN SITS IN THE WHITE HOUSE. And you have grew up and graduated from Kansas higher education. She musta been... Well I will just say, she is playing her role. But, my thesis, my main point, she needs to recalled, her and minds similar to her little one. WE NEED TO JUS SHOOT EM UP, BIZZY BONE STYLE.

Consumer advocates and backers of a regulation overhaul are deeply concerned that handing the committee to Johnson would be a death sentencefor reform

There are some people who just excel at most things they do. There are also people who struggle with everything they do. I am the later, I know the progressive agenda will be fought tooth and nail. I know who we are up against! Before we can defeat the opposition we must have our own cards in order. Tim Johnson is not on our team. He is a supporter of payday advance loans. The loans that these scumbags push are sold to low income, needy people. These people are freakin broke! They do not consider other options, if they have any, all they know, is they need money. Instead of ponding a value object and being charged a reasonable rate, these shady thugs rates are similar to loan sharks. How can a conspirator that fights to protect a heartless corporation be called a democrat?

Lets take my favorite commercial featuring my second favorite little man, Gary Cole

Gary Cole himself was probably out of money himself and a corporation needs a person who everyone can relate to. They make a move comminalnly made in public life put lipstick on a pig. This enormously popular individual will divert our attention from the insane rates they loan money at and focus it at his big black bald head and his interesting American story. These corporatist, actually are purely fascists, will do anything to deceive us and protect their fascists friends.

DAMN NEAR ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY PERCENT!!! Do loan sharks charge more? How is this not taking advantage of poor people? These must be regulated and we MUST BE ABLE TO SET A NUMBER to limit the intrest they can charge. Will they compromise at 70% or a more reasonable but insane 50%? The problem is, that is hitting their profit directly!!! We cannot let one class of people explot another. This is class warfare, it perpetuates the poverty cycle and should be halted as soon as possible.

"Are you here to congratulate the chairman on his consumer protection victory?" Johnson joked with the reporter, referring to Dodd's sweeping credit card reform that had passed that same day. The reason that was funny: Johnson was the only Democrat to vote against the bill and side with the credit card companies.

The only democrat to vote against the consumer protection bill! There is something going on. From a man who received most of his campaign money from the Insurance, Banking Real Estate, and other huge industries with profits to protect (check out open secrets.) This shady indvidual voted for the Bush tax cuts back in 2001. This guy's suit should look like a Nascar jacket, with Cash Call, Blue Shield, AXA, Capital One, Wells Fargo and other huge corporations that this Benedict Arnold is protecting instead of his constituents. Another thought floating around in my head is how these fascists use religion to their gain. I do not want to express my self regarding these political and religious opportunists. I will address this another time.