Saturday, September 12, 2009


This season I am undefeated, 1-0. Picking the Titans to cover 6 1/2 was easy, everyone knew the offensives would struggle in week one, working off the dust and jitters of the new season. It is just exciting to have football back. On to the locks of the week.

At Baltimore -12.5 Kansas City

Take Kansas City with the 12 1/2 points. Matt Cassel proved he is a real quarterback last season winning 11 games on a fabulous patriots team. The difference, no Randy Moss or Bill Billicheck. Baltimore will win this by at least seven points but no way is this a route. Kansas City will be fired up for the new season and heart goes a long way in football.

Philadelphia -2.5 At Carolina

Philly is a guarantee to win this game over Carolina. The Panthers are weak on defensive, especially the secondary, look for McNabb to go deep to DeSean Jackson a few times and hit on a long score. Philly by at least 6.

Minnesota -4 At Cleveland 40

When a team thinks they have two quarterbacks they usually do not have one. Brady Quinn will defiantly get bumped around, hit hard and will falter under the pressure of the NFL. Weather he bounces back after the loss at home against the Vikings will be up to him, he has the talent but will the work ethic and focus come this season.

At NY Giants -6.5 Washington

This will be a hard fought, heavy weight battle to open the season. Both teams will beat up on each other. This game will be decided by 3 points or less. Look for Jason Campbell to manage the game and take his opportunities on play action. The Redskins will run the ball and often. Manning will continue to struggle around the goal line with out a tall receiver to throw a jump ball to.

San Diego -9.5 At Oakland

Look for Oakland's run defesive to imrpove with Richard Semour finally letting his prejustices go and will just play football. San Diego might destroy the Raiders like they did last year on opening day but the Raiders have an improving rush defsesive and will be able to run the ball with the three headed monster opf Fargas, McFadden, and Bush. The biggest question is the arm of young quarterback Jamacus Russell. Look for the big man to step up this year, his second full year and the third is where the we get a truse sense of weather the pick will be boom or bust. I do not think Oakland can win this game but will keep it within strking distance, and anything can happen in the NFL so look for an exicting game Moday night in Oakland. I will of corse have my eye-patch on and will be rooting for the Raiders. I am just glad to have football back!

NFL WEEK ONE: NFC Preview and Predictions

WOW!!! What a game Thursday night. Hard hitting, two teams battling for a win, tooth and nail, freakin FOOTBALL SEASON IS HERE! Ya, I am just excited to have football back. I woke up today and picked up the sports page excited to see some high school scores after a disappointing Friday Night game on Comcast last night. San Leandro lost to a very talented and well coached Valley Christian team. Valley Christian has a stud sophomore who broke a 60 yard run with a couple of moves that made San Leandro look silly. San Leandro needs to work on playing as a team, finishing drives and quarters if they want to have a chance to defend their HAAL crown. Anyway, enough about high-school football, lets talk about the NFC and my preview and predictions.


ST. LOUIS 6-10

Arizona is the clear favorite. Warner will lead the Cardinals to another playoff appearance at least. Their stud wide receivers will open the field for the run and score on a lot of deep passes. Like in the super bowl, if the Cardinals will fail, their defensive will be their weak spot. St. Louis has a competitive team but does not have enough weapons to challenge Arizona. San Fransisco will continue to build and get better but at least a year away from division contention.


Washington 11-5
Philadelphia 11-5
New York 9-7
Dallas 7-9

Dallas supporters will claim their has been addition by subtraction. Getting rid of Terrel Owens was the same mistake, the 49ers and Philly made. Washington has sured up their defense with the addition of Albert Haynesworth. The emerging quarterback of the division will be Jason Campbell. His sixth year in the league will be his defining one. With Clinton Portis totting the rock, Hayesworth disrupting the offensive and steady quarterback play by Campbell the Redskins win the division but just barley. On thing for sure these teams are all talented and are going to beat up on each other. Dallas will struggle getting the ball to their newly appointed number one Roy Williams. Romo will struggle but keep the Cowboys in most games but do not have the defense to stop these potent offensives.



A lot of people are questioning if Brett Favre has any thing left in that arm. The man is the ultimate competitor, willing to destroy his body for the good of the team. With Adrien Peterson running over most defensive tackles and secondary the Vikings are not going to ask Favre to win a lot of games. Favre will manage the game and Brad Childress will tell him when to take his shots at the deep ball. Look for Favre to bomb it down the field on play action pass and the Vikings to win a lot of games. Chicago will certainty have better quarterback play but lack a great running back, in this division it is going to be hard to compete and control the ball like Minnesota and Green Bay. The Lions have a lot to learn and will several games this year but will finish at the bottom.



New Orleans is the favorite but do not be surprised if Carolina or Atlanta finish on top of this division. New Orleans have the steady arm of Drew Brees and the multi use back Reggie Bush. Look for Bush to catch a ton of passes out of the backfield and the slot. This will open the field for Brees who will make all of his wide outs better. Atlanta will be fighting for the division, the lack of a big play wide out will hold them back, but their strong offensive line and running game will help them control the ball and allow for them to be in games when the fourth quarter comes around. Carolina has a shot at the division crown but their defensive will let their offensive down. Tampa bay will suffer from a coaching change and expectations should not be high.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

NFL WEEK ONE: AFC Preview and Predictions does every team really have a chance?

As I put myself out for public consumption, I sometimes worry what others think or loose confidence, today when I got that feeling, I thought of a certain movie I love, Good Time Max.

"Even the most seemingly random events, have logic behind them. As far as my life goes, I know exactly what I'm doing. Geniuses don't make mistakes, they' just instigate their own problems, so that they could be worked out with deeper insight."

Although I believe some things cannot be explained, I have the same feeling Rocket Max does. I know what I am doing, I do it great, and any mistakes or obstacles I encounter, I will deal with in the way I deal with things, much insight, thought and reflection. The Inaugural Mike From Hayward NFL Weekly Picks will lead with the preview of the Oakland Raiders and the AFC West.

The Oakland Raiders success this season rests on the arm of their young quarterback Jamarcus Russell.


They will be able to run the ball with their decent and improving offensive of line. Look for the work horses Darren McFadden, Michael Bush and the old man, Justin Fargas. Greg Papa has refereed to these talented backs as the three headed monster, seems like a fitting nickname. The real question this and in the coming years, is the speedy but untested hands of receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey. The Raiders have a lot of potential, but coaching, routine and discipline win NFL championships and the Raiders program has been unstable and questionable for years now. The acquisition of Richard Seymour will greatly improve their defensive if Al Davis can convince him to play. Their is hope because Denver traded away their quarterback and is feuding with their stud wide-out, Kansas City and Castle need to prove they can win. The last time I checked the Chargers still have L.T. This and Sean Merriman's return will lock up the division for San Diego.

These two will be prepared for an undefeated season. Does anyone else have a chance?


MIAMI 10-6

Tom Brady will return to his MVP level preform probably more than midway through the season. The patriots won 11 games without him, they are one of a few teams to be a lock to win their division. Miami and Buffalo will be competvite and challenge the Patriots but neither have the talent and coaching to overtake Bradys crwon.
Terrell Owens will be the funnest thing to watch in this divsion, what is the over under for him throwing Trent Edwards under the bus? 3 Weeks? 3 plays where he thinks he was open? I just hope their season is better than the T.O. show.



The hardest thing to do in football is not to win a championship, but to repeat as champions. Look for Pittsburgh to compete hard but to make mistakes and week in and week out the competition will ready for the defending Champions. That, Ray Lewis and a confident Joe Flacco, will lead the Ravens to the division championship. Hard Knocks showed a Bengals team fighting to just compete



Look for Peyton Manning to storm through this division. Tennessee will be their greatest challenge but a fragile Kerry Collins and Vince Young will hold the Titans back. Jacksonville and Houston will tough to beat and great divisional games to watch. The loss of Albert Haynesworth will hurt the Tennessee defense and you can add a couples of losses if the defensive tackles do not set up and stop the run.

The NFC Preview will be tomorrow.

As with any degenerate gambling preview of the season, I will start off with my lock of the week. The game of the week. at Pittsburgh vs. Titans. The Steelers are 6 and 1/2 point favorites. I do not think the Titans can outright beat the Steelers and this is what sports betting is all about. The Steelers will be running the ball a lot, exploiting and testing the void left by Haynesworth. If the Titans cover the spread and do not win, it will worse than betting all the football and baseball games labor day weekend in Reno and not winning one. The closest we got was a 4 team parlay that the Dodgers could not close on the Sunday Night Baseball game.


This guy is so pathetic I do not even want to make the mistake of making mountains out of molehills. But this gets to the core of the issue. In a nutshell, it is what plagues our democracy. In June 2005, Wilson responded to calls for torture investigation by questioning the Patriotism of democrats. Wilson told this lie with a straight face.

"is just inconceivable and truly incorrigible that in the midst of the war, that the Democratic leaders would be conducting guerrilla warfare on American troops." Wilson called the proposal for investigation "another example of some democrat leaders trusting the words of terrorists over the proven decency of U.S. troops."

Wilson is an unrepentant fascist, willing to protect his power at any and all costs. Was doubt forced upon our whole democracy after a congressman screams liar after the President stated facts. I believe our democracy suffered on some level, but we cannot focus on one person, but the whole process. Is there room for compromise when the opposition still wants the public to think any health care reform efforts will cover illegal immigrants? Unless the Republican party is planing big concessions they WILL BE RAN THE FUCK OVER, LANDING THEM IN THE LAND OF POLITICALLY IRRELEVANT FOR GENERATIONS.

We must question his legitimacy when his mouth and arms move like a puppet for the health insurance companies. Top funders to political pacts and campaigns during the 2008 election cycle were the American Hospital Association, Astra Zeneca, a global pharmaceutical titan, and corporate powerhouses AT&t, Honeywell who was acquired by General Electric and SCANA
an energy company based in South Carolina. All of these interests are expecting their man to defend corporate power in the most vile of ways, shouting during the address to congress, I do not believe this was spontaneous, but probably incited if not planned by corporatists who had the old yeller's ear and pocket. Hoping the yell will gain traction with the heard and discourage people working hard for reform. The scumbag has even setup a environmental front-group.
Cleaverly titled Voice for Tress PAC, there is little or no press on the group, either bad or good. There is Republican money moving around this PAC though, and it is being misrepresented and surely not giving trees a voice. I was originally planning to share my thoughts on the Republican response delivered by some politically irrelevant person and party, it may not be worth the time!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009



"He hit it out the ballpark" was a common phrase in the coverage of the President's address to the joint session of congress Tuesday night. Get on the train or get ran over was the message. Those who oppose the Presidents plan for comprehensive health care reform will be not just be on the wrong side of history and ineluctable but politically irrelevant for generations, the writing is on the wall. On 09/09/09 not just the numbers aligned, but the opportunity to give all Americans a real, 21st century health care system. Opposing this, will land you at the bottom rung of hell, if one believes in that kind of stuff. The President not only won the moral argument but put the opposition in a place where they will become obstructionists and not public servants.

The fight is far from over, the message was also a call to action. Realize one man can make a difference, join in the fight.




Led by the fattest, fat ass, their is a small minority who insists the president will be, politicizing, is the best I can understand the view. The fascists and their heard will scream he is preaching socialism. The corporate power is echoing the spin the conservatives have tried to place on the Presidents speech to the kids. The true message to the kids is the value of education and the responsibility we each bear to our own communities.

"I know that sometimes, you get the sense from TV that you can be rich and successful without any hard work -- that your ticket to success is through rapping or basketball or being a reality TV star, when chances are, you're not going to be any of those things.

But the truth is, being successful is hard. You won't love every subject you study. You won't click with every teacher. Not every homework assignment will seem completely relevant to your life right this minute. And you won't necessarily succeed at everything the first time you try."
President Obama

The Presidents speech was for anyone who despaired, questioned, had a tough time while going through any kind of learning process. The presidents message was clear, work hard every day, do the best you can, hope for the best but do not despair, question the importance of your work or give up, the best things in life you have to put in a grind for.

Maybe it is because they are privileged people and cannot relate to this message. For certain, some are manipulated into opposing anything the president says. Also for sure, I should not be trying to figure things out, that I cannot. Maybe they believe the ads for the Hollywood diet and the Ab Dolly and cannot give their dream of getting rich and thin easily.

The worst thing about this, the forces of fascism are actually working to indoctrinate our school children, I will not comment on the indoctrination of people seeking Nirvana through Christian theology. Weather if one man can make a difference, I believe , you have think not about yourself but as a community, think locally act globally. Like Kant's deontology, act in accordance with the maxim, in which, it can become universal law. in other words, the golden rule, treat people, animals and the environment how you want to be treated.



Today on MSNBC, David Shuster interviewed senator Olympia Snowe. Snowe is not convinced the public option can work for America, the interviewer did not ask her opinion of the status quo in regards to health care. Shuster did press her on the public option. The line in the sand was drawn, she wants to see America fail.

Corporate power protectors such as, senator like Olympia Snowe have no place in our public policy debate. Like Mallrats, they are not hear to contribute to the debate or offer solutions or reasonable compromises, but to protect the health insurance companies and other big industries.

She is demanding the President drop the public option from the plan to reform health care!


She said with a straight face. I do not know how they do it, they lie so well, all of them. On public records and airwaves. They really treat their citizens as less than pawns. They manipulate and play off of fears of government intrusion and new stuff in general. Self protecting , is their motto, self interested to the bone. The pure opposite of what are elected officials are elected to do, serve for the public good, something bigger then our selves.

This is not just the case in public policy, but what plagues America. Everyday I see ads selling the dream. These predatory capitalists prey on people stuck in a rut, willing to try anything to get rich quickly. The selling of the impossible dream needs to stop, a call to public service should be played on our airwaves, not get rich schemes.

To move the debate forward, the opposition must concede to a public option. But this will put the insurance industry on a level playing field and possibly eliminate them, which is not a problem unless they are funding your campaign and movement. This is where we are at. If the opposition cannot realize this and soon, the administration will move without them. Putting the party of Lincoln, The grand old Republican party fighting against its own citizens. Landing them on the same side as the insurance companies, on the wrong side of history when America realizes it's responsibilities to it's citizens and patriots.

Maybe I think our elected officials should be doing to much, protecting citizens from predatory capatlism not portecting corporate power, am I wrong??? FUCK NO

The senator did not offer any facts supporting dropping the public option! Nor did she she say they were studying other countries where the public option is more than efficient. All that was offered was fear of a government intrusion to ensure the health industry operates a fair and respectable business, is that asking too much?


How about citing sources from other counties that have tried a a pubic option and failed?

How are we moving the debate forward if your side does not concede the public option is a required for true health care reform
. The administration will continue to tread water if Obama is hoping for concessions from Republicans. The President needs to draw a line in the sand, like the opposition has drawn. I think our President will call out Republicans and remind them of the responsibilities when elected to office. Hopefully some senators will realize they do not want to be on the wrong side of history and support the public option and true healtcare reform.