Friday, October 9, 2009


WOW 0-5 last week after a 10-11 start the first three weeks. Just when I thought I had a read on some teams, the Jaguars get good, Tennessee gets demoralized four weeks in a row. Thats the NFL, any given Sunday any team can get a win. Play by play, miss one assignment and you will get beat for a touchdown or sacked for a 15 yard loss. Some people think Tennessee Titans are done for the season, might even give up. Not under their coach Jeff Fisher who will not give up, play it play by play, Sunday by Sunday. I will say it again football is a metaphor for life. On with the picks

At Carolina -3.5 Washington

Washington barley got by the Buccaneers last week. Carolina will use their buy week to prepare for the rushing attack of Clinton Portis. The under in this game looks great. This game will be decided by the quarterback play. Jason Campbell has been accurate but unable to make the big play. Jake Delhome has been neither able to be accurate or make the big play. Look for Carolina to run the ball a lot, as well as Washington and this is why I like the under.

Indianapolis -4 At Tennessee

Tennessee has yet show any resemblance to the Titans team last year that won 13 games. The Indianapolis Colts are playing like a team with something to prove. They are looking like the team to beat in the AFC which is no surprise. Tennessee will have the crowd behind them but look for Manning to work the Tennessee secondary.

At Seattle PICK EM Jacksonville

Jacksonville will be looking to get above .500 at 3-2. Seattle will struggle to stop the running game of the Jaguars and if they can get steady from their QB, David Garrard this might be a blow out. Seattle might extra motivated by playing at home, this why it is a pick em.

New England -3 At Denver

This might be the game of the week and Denver might prove they are legit. This game is not a make or break for either team but both teams can make a statement. For Denver, this is a great opportunity to prove to the league that they are for real. Luckily for the Broncos they have home field advantage. The crowd will be loud and crazy. Do not expect any of this to rattle Tom Brady, it looks like he is finding grove again and expect the Hoody to control the game with the rushing attack and Brady will take his shot down field.

Prize Winners and Whackos

Surprised and humbled was how President Barack Obama felt after hearing the news of The Nobel Peace Prize. Fox News was covering a high speed chase all morning, refusing to report, respect and acknowledge the award our President received today. There has been criticism from the left, of course the fascists are screaming the same thing the Taliban is, not deserved, not enough achievements. This attack on The President from the right is just another in the wall of obstruction they attempt to build around anything he tries to do.

I was thinking of trying to explain why the gun totting soccer mom was killed. Of course she had her gun on her person, did she get over powered, did she just loose it and kill her husband and then herself. Was she ashamed to be well known for carry a loaded gun. Was is just karma getting her back for scaring other soccer mom and other at the soccer game. Why am I focused on the why, because no one can figure it out, and I want to. I guess I want to get into the mind of a gun carrying lunatic and ask them WHY the FEEL the NEED to carry a GUN.

"Twice in the past four years, the Nobel Peace Prize has gone to leaders trying to prevent nuclear catastrophe. It's time we listened to their warnings."

The great take away was the Nobel Prize is giving to people with aspirations that will change the world and bring peace to more nations and individuals. Given to jump start, add prestige and respect to all of the goals of the Obama Presidency, nuclear disarmament, health care for all, ending gender and sexual discrimination, ending poverty. All these causes will bring a more peaceful world. This award will bring more people to help support these causes and might be the defining achievement for people in the middle of political spectrum to finally realize the Republicans work against the average persons self interest.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Purging, Water Loo's, Fascists and Auto Tunes

Maybe I was wrong when I believed any one could understand the argument that each person has a right to life, liberty and justice. Insurance companies do not have the right to slash people from their insurance plan for preexisting conditions, no matter how small or big. Our core principle in providing health care, should be making it accessible to all. We are playing defensive medicine. We are waiting for people to get sick and them attempt to heal them. The public option will ensure each child is checked for breathing problems, screened for preconditions, family history etc. Things like this will cost money but the real benefit is reaped when people see the doctor less by choice, not necessity. Simple cancer screening, catching things before they develop into preexisting conditions!

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,

The current corporate model to deliver health care is to increase profits by finding ways to cut services and to deny people coverage. By denying services for preexisting conditions and other tricks, the insurance company has set it up to cover as few people as possible, minimizing the risk the insurer takes on, simple economics. Therefore the services they are providing are being rationed so the insurance company saves money by not providing the services promised to customers. The practice of "purging the sick" will stop once the President signs a health care reform bill. If conservatives cannot agree to this, I can assure you they are representing the insurance companies instead of voters.

For the people who cannot understand how health care is an inalienable right, protected under the Constitution. Understand how the health insurance industry was setup not to cure sick people but to make a profit!

Maybe legislators and progressives have a communication problem. The message is being lost in translation. So I found a person who might be better apt to explain things to people with low capacity for complex arguments. T Pain might be able to explain it in more simple terms and with a banging beat.

The inspiration for this post came from Jim Demint. The water loo himself, proclaimed the insurance companies will win again this week after saying the same thing back in July.

"If it(health care) goes through, I think we go over the cliff as a country,” Certainly strong rhetoric from a seemingly confident man. I am going to focus on OVER THE CLIFF! I do not want to take a guess at what it means! I would be wasting my time because it does not mean a damn thing. I want to focus on when the President signs the bill and how our country will be driven off the proverbial cliff. Will our country be closer to living up to its dream of providing a chance of life, liberty and justice to each of its citizens? I think so. A healthier America will emerge, hopefully a new Republican Party will emerge. I have no doubt that the Republican party will be defeated and the Democrats will achieve something to hang their hats on. The Republicans are on the wrong side of history and it is way to late in the game to change teams. The whole conservative agenda seeks to destroy the middle class and our planet. The Republicans still have their votes, they better use them wisely if they want a chance to elected again. I expect the health care bill to get numerous republican votes, both in the House and Senate.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

When a Community Faces Problems, Leaders Must Rise to the Challenge

When a person is arguing, and the facts work against them, they attack the character of the person. When questioning the fabric of what makes up a person they take the focus away from the facts and put the spotlight on things unrelated to the argument.

The Republican strategy to win elections again is to make The President look like a failure. This serves two causes. It keeps their powerful, connected fascists friends manipulating the agenda of The President, also it makes them the winners by default because the Democrats could not get anything done.

This scenario played out last week when Rio won the 2016 Olympics. Some how they turned The President's humble approach to win the Olympics for The United States into an epic failure. This was a simple microcosm of what the Republicans have and will continue to do to win elections.

"Once social change happens it cannot be reversed."
Caesar Chavez

The responsibility of solving societal problems rests upon the shoulders of businesses, governments and community leaders. The Republican political party is skirting its responsibility to protect the weak, poor, elderly and other troubled people. The ability to solve these problems is what sets us apart from other animals. Our ability to analyze, reflect and plan are central to sustained the type of life we hope to lead. Republicans are using their gifts to suppress the change of status quo, maintaining corporate power as all costs. Their gifts of corporate power and influence on public policy needs to be stopped, from within or crushed from the outside.

Using their tools at their disposal, television, books, and new media the conservative movement will try to prop up its own figures with their own institutions. Sarah Palin is the latest to the this ride on the Republican making adventure. Institutions like the Heritage Foundation will buy Palin's new book in bulk quantities, corrupting the best selling lists.

The misery index is on the rise. This measures not just how many poor people there are, but how hard they are suffering. in a time of need, Republican leaders offer nothing to solve these probelms. Democratrs are finding ways to support solutions and build coalitions to solve problems. The only thing Republican leaders are trying to do are to scare the weak while shepherding the heard. One of the few things Republican leaders are asking of constituents, is

Sunday, October 4, 2009



At Houston -8.5 Oakland

Jamarcus Russell stunk up the Coliseum last Sunday. Luckily it was blacked out, so I did not have to endure. The boo birds, I heard were in full effect and getting anxious. Luckily for the Raiders, the defensive will keep this game close. Russell needs to redeem himself if he wants this job. Houston may win, but not more than 8.

Tennessee -3 At Jacksonville

There is no way the Titans will loose to the weak Jaguars and fall to 0-4. The Titans defensive will keep the Jaguars down. The Titans offensive needs to make big plays. Kerry Collins needs a wide out to make a play, the defensive to score, anything to get back to winning. I cannot see Tennessee losing this game, look for a blow out, or a defensive struggle. Have the calls for Vince Young began yet?

At Chicago -9.5 Detroit

Even without Brian Urlacher, the Chicago Bears can play defense. Their big arm quarterback can hurl the ball down field easily. Devin Hester is developing into a big time receiver. Detroit is living o high street after their first win in ages. Look for a hangover from the Detroit defensive. Detroit will loose this game gut will cover, Chicago by a touchdown.

At New Orleans -7.5 NY Jets

The Saints will defend their home turf with honor and duty. The crowd will be extremely noisy and this might effect the Jets. Luckily for the Jets, their defense is experienced unlike their quarterback. Quarterback play will make the difference in this game. Brees might breeze by the Jets if Mark Sanchez cannot keep up with the explosive New Orleans offense.

At Miami -1 Buffalo

Chad Henne is the hope in disappointing Miami. After the news of Pennington, The Dolphins went into shock, hopes for the season ended. Look for Buffalo and TO run all over Miami. The Miami defense has even more responsibility to keep the Dolphins in games. Look for Trent Edwards to play a game of ball control, wear down the Dolphins and take deep shots at the end-zone with Terrell Owens when the time is right.