Friday, October 23, 2009


Some surprising things happened last NFL Sunday. Among the more predictable things, Detroit laid a goose egg last, the Patriots blew out the Titans. In what seemed like a uncompetitive video game, Tom Brady threw 5 touchdowns in a quarter. The Raiders won and found their swagger when defensive force, Seymour guaranteed the 2-4 Raiders will be in the playoffs. Favre lead another classic comeback against the Ravens. In a epic AFC West battle, Denver went to 6-0 and took command of the division.

San Diego -5 At Kansas City

Although it may seem easy for some teams to on the road and win I can assure you it takes an extreme amount of preparation and focus. San Diego is hurting after the Monday night loss, looking to take advantage of the struggling chiefs. Chargers by at least three touchdowns in a resounding blowout.

Indianapolis -13.5 At St. Louis

Peyton Manning is playing like he hit three threes in a row and is on FIRE! It may seem easy, but yes Peyton has talent, he might be the hardest working player ion the NFL. This just might be his year again. How have the Rams not won a single blood clout game? Maybe because Jackson has not reached the end-zone, their top reviver has less can 20 catches. Look for the Rams to stink up the joint and Peyton to have a career day.

At Pittsburgh -5.5 Minnesota

In an epic battle, a tale that will be told for ages. Minnesota will win again on the last drive of the game. Expect hats to fly, bones to crush in a football purist game. The under is a lock, some might call it a defensive or a offensive struggle, it will be two teams fighting for a crucial win. But both teams have the ability to take their shots down field. Both defensives are too good to give up the deep play. This is why I stay away from the over/under.

At Houston -3 San Francisco

Houston is coming off an emotional and tough victory against the Bengals. San Francisco will be extra prepared coming off the buy week. The under looks as good as the 49ers defense. Willis, Spikes and Lawson will not let Houston run the ball at all. The Texans will be forced to pass into a talented San Francisco secondary, look for a couple of interceptions, maybe some fumbles. The 49ers by a field goal.

NY Jets -6 At Oakland

Oakland will be inspired by last weeks victory and the home crowd. Oakland will not ask much of the quarterback by controlling the ball with the running game. Jamarcus Russell will get a couple of shot down field and might hit one. Dirty Sanchez, will be covered in dirt and grass from the blitzing Raider Defensive. The Jets will be within striking distance and Sanchez will have his opportunity to win. The under looks great, Oakland by a field goal.

Last Week: 4-2

Season: 15-16

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Hot Air Media and the Attic Boy

For a democracy to function and serve its citizens justly, all of the citizenry needs to be armed with facts. Facts build a foundation for a society. If the facts cannot get to enough people, the democracy will be uniformed, unconcerned and easily manipulated. The framers of America understood the importance fact based reporting and unbiased coverage. Check and balances, anti monopoly laws and rights to media access. The fourth of State needs to live up to its name. The News ought to be unbiased, fact based.

The hot balloon incident was a microcosm of what is wrong with the American media. The news corporations are not concerned about the communities they broadcast in but with how many people view their advertisements, news is the vehicle they use to make their money, change political opinions , manipulate people and take advantage of the news past reputation. They used this story and this family to boost ratings on a weekday afternoon.

Currently there are less than 3 corporations who control television . Think about the local stations, 2, 5, 7, all are under their corporate parent company. General Electric (A/NBC), News Corp(FOX), and (CBS). The news paper industry is just as consolidated. These companies are not concerned about local communities, they are predatory capitalists seeking profit and not much else. Many believe if the American public had been reading and watching independent media, support for the Iraq war could have never been won. The principal in news should be, locality. Currently local stations answer to heartless, profiteers, knows as corporations. The corporate monopoly over American news must be broken up. The news would be different if stations were owned and operated by community members, not just a couple of regional guys transplanted into an area.

“It defies logic how the nation's political class manages to discuss the war(s) and health care reform as though they were unrelated. The actual price tag (more than a trillion dollars) on both wars has already far exceeded the projected cost of the president's health care reform.”

Roberto Rodriguez

Obviously Fox is the most transparent with their viewpoints. Fox has already shown to be a propaganda machine for Corporations and their fascist buddies, the Republicans. Good news, although Foxes ratings are up, Republican polling numbers continue to spiral into the land of politically irrelevant. Maybe the tide is turning, people are realizing they are not watching news, but what corporations spoon feed them. Progressives should be pushing for legislation that requires media companies have a vetted interest in the local community their broadcast from and in. Something to get news to be, fact based, of local interest and actual news.

Luckily for American we have an administration who seems concerned with corporations consolidating their power. The Chamber of Commerce has long been a lobbying group for big business as well as their international sister group the ICC. The administration at least recognizes their conflict of interest on matter of public policy, for example the chamber refuses to acknowledge their role in climate change. The administration is working towards changing a staple of corporations,

"free enterprise' campaign, which is being pitched as a way to create jobs but is aiming mainly to defeat regulatory reform. More than anything else, there is a widespread belief among White House officials that the Chamber is becoming a relic of the past -- too tied to antiquated policy proposals and removed from the apex of political power it has historically enjoyed."

Sam Stein

For more on media click here read about the reconstruction of American Journalism.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Late October is my favorite part of the year, Collegiate football is in full swing, the NFL is heating up and Major League Baseball is going to crown a champion. Oktoberfests, are a plenty, Halloween parties are starting to crack, this is thee most wonderful time of the year. Professional football is had game to predict. The talent level in the NFL provides any team a change to win on any given Sunday. That being said, can anyone have locks of the week? Just hype, I suppose. I made fun at my brother for picking Jacksonville after a James Brown update let me know there was a melt down in Jacksonville. Call it Karma or stupidity, I picked Jackson last week and lost. I am a gambler at heart, I love to press my odds. This week, I am doubling down! Jacksonville, Washington, New England, just like getting eleven on a double down I will double down again.

At Green Bay -14 Detroit

Detroit might lay an egg on the road but fourteen points is a hefty advantage, I cannot stay away. Stafford is questionable, Culpepper threw for almost 300 yards against the Super Bowl Champions. The Detroit defensive will rally around their in juried quarterback, keep it close and loose by thirteen.

At Pittsburgh -14 Cleveland

Yes the Lions game I picked mainly because of the two score advantage. So if that is a mountain to climb, why am I picking against it? Great teams do not just win games, but make statements, anything but a blowout, they make a statement just the one I am not picking. If I loose both these games I have proved my point that any team can beat another on any given Sunday. I see a four touchdown advantage at the half. Did somebody use to call the Browns coach a man genius?

At New England -9.5 Tennessee

Tom Brady has something to prove after the lost at Denver. 3-0 at home, Brady will lead his troops to huge victory back at home. Look for Moss and the Patriots wide outs to work the fill in corners Manning worked last week.

At Seattle -3 Arizona

Kurt Warner knows the NFC West division might be lost, with a loss in this game. Conversely the Cardinals can take back control if they can stop the Seahawks. Hasselbeck might play but is hobbled. Warner is getting into mid season form and will find his grove. I cannot see the Seahawks putting on more than a two scores.

At Cincinnati -5.5 Houston

The Bengals have over achieved. Ochocinco and Palmer have been in sync. The Texans defensive has struggled at times. The NFL can be emotional, players play with heart and can rally around falling behind the Colts and in the wild card the Texans defensive will play inspired but lose by a filed goal.

At Atlanta -3 Chicago

Hopefully this Sunday night will cap off a perfect six team parlay. Cutler will be rattled by the crowd, the defensive will play inspired. The Falcons looked like a Super Bowl team against the 49ers, but is that saying much? Falcons by three.

Last week: 1-3
Season: 11-14