Friday, November 6, 2009


The best thing about this week in the NFL, the Raiders have a bye, and the Bay Area does not have to watch that pathetic wasteland they call the Raiders. Unlike their home games, the NFL television rules allow for a pair of games at 10 and 1. So the weekend is looking interesting with NBA warming up and the playoff picture in the NFL comes clearer as well as an opportunity to watch some real NFL teams. Last week was my best, 4 and zero. Looking to build on last weeks performance I am seeking another four and zero.

At New England -10.5 Miami

Brady seems to be back in top condition. Coming off a bye, rested up, at home, a blow out. Miami will not be able to stop run nor the pass. The wildcat will give the Patriots defense a different look but the Hoody will not let a gimmick beat them. The victory over the young Jets was probably an aberration and the Dolphins will face a real contender.

At New Orleans -13 Carolina

Everybody knew the Saints were legit before their Monday Night victory over the Falcons. Look for the Saints to march on the Panthers. Brees, Bush and a defense that has proved its worth. The Saints are true contenders in the NFC. Saints by three touchdowns.

At NY Giants -5 San Diego

The Giants and little Manning will continue to struggle against the the average Chargers. Tomlinsion is finding his groove again and Rivers continues to prove himself worthy to lead a contending team. The loss of a deep threat and at the goal line fade Eli has not found a replacement to Plexico and will continue to suffer. Chargers by a touchdown.

At Philadelphia -3 Dallas

The Eagles will hold down their fort against the average Cowboys. The NFC begins to beat itself up this week. No game or team in this division is a lock. But I am betting on two Super Bowl contenders against two pretenders. The NFL is hard to predict week by week. On any given Sunday any given team can win. The difference in this game is the wide out for the Eagles and the threat Desaun Jackson is when receiving kicks. Eagles by two field goals.

Last Week: 4-0

Season: 22-18

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Did Somebody Say America Was The Greatest County In The World?

Did Somebody Say America Was The Greatest County In The World?

I did not choose America, America did not choose me, nobody chooses what family brings them into this world. Although I love the Bay Area, and my country, there are times when I embarrassed by what my county does and how the citizens and leaders conduct themselves, so terrible and disappointing that I feel I want to run away and hide in some far away place. This past Presidential election, especially the soaring rhetoric, had me, and everybody feeling the tide was turning, America was going to live up to it's ideals.

Fast Forward One Year Later

President Barack Obama wins the Nobel Peace Prize. Three weeks later The President signs a record high defense budget. A few weeks later a study shows HALF of American children and 90% of African Americans will be on food stamps at some point in their lifetime. Shocking? Disturbing? Not surprising when American corporations practice and encourage both environmental and human degradation. Corporations exist to make and protect their profits. If corporations are going to conduct international business, they need to be held to a international standard, Americans cannot buy Nike Shoes for $150 when their real value is close to 5. This has created a stark contrast between the haves and have-nots. In developed countries all citizens have access to health care. In America businesses are not mandated to cover employees but successful businesses use health care as an incentive to retain good workers. America is playing on an uneven playing field, because of health care, it costs more money to do business in The United States. America has lost the middle class. No longer can an American worker find a manufacturing job with decent pay and benefits. Corporations will find hidden corners of the world to exploit cheap labor and resources but also will work just as hard to exploit Americans, we cannot let this uneven playing field continue the race to the bottom.

Last night, for the 31st time Americans have taken away civil rights away from other Americans. For the 31st time America has imposed their will upon less than five percent of the population. The zealots have won again, fear has trampled reason and logic, America has shamed its self once again. We cannot continue to let the minority be subject to the tyranny of the majority. The supreme court needs to act to restore rights taken away. The worst, their Senators are not even telling how they voted. Maybe if Snowe or the other Senator endorsed the reasonable argument to not create two class of citizens, more support could have been garnered to defeat Maine's legislatures decision to protect marriage equality. Instead in the 31st state two classes of citizens have been created by the tyranny of the majority. EQUAL equals EQUAL. But remember changing opinions of people, is about winning hearts, minds and changing our culture. This is a marathon, one step in the long process of public policy. The difference between now and a few years ago, we have a President who understands this and continues to build political capital before acting and getting noting accomplished.

I have to preface this with, my love for soda. Soda is nothing but empty calories, and delicious taste. This being said, it is a drink that should be consumed with hesitation and skepticism. Anything the state can do to deter people from consuming sugar water should be taken with quick and decisive steps. A soda tax seems simple enough? Not when sugar manufacturers are willing to throw millions at the Congress to stop any kind of tax on their sugar water. The sugar industry will not let its products be taxed without a fight. How can anyone not jump on this populist train?

In a new and racially charged advertisement The Chamber Of Commerce wants people to fear the Presidents agenda. The sleazy chamber is playing on fears of white men. Fears of white men losing their jobs to “affirmative action.” Essentially the Chamber wants white people to think the black President is coming for their jobs and replacing them with minorities. This feeds into the narrative of the psycho tea baggers and other fair tales about The President. The Chamber Of Commerce is supposedly representative of the business community in America. But the Chamber has been nothing but a tool for corporations to take advantage of average Americans and nonthreatening third world countries.

This post has seemingly been on a bunch of different topics. But they all related, they all are fighting against the same American corporate fascist machine. People have been criticizing the President, even I feel he can be doing so much more. But we are up against entrenched interests. Interests that have been working against average Americans and protecting corporations for hundreds of years. On my, to read list, Tohm Hartmann is releasing a book which tells the story of corporate dominance and how they have worked for centuries to take away rights from average people and protect their corporations. The Maine repeal of marriage equality, the election of two Republican governors, the Chamber ad, the sugar lobby and a CNBC reporter questioning the existence of objects and other things independent of our mind!

Meb Keflezighi, who won yesterday in New York, is technically American by virtue of him becoming a citizen in 1998, but the fact that he's not American-born takes away from the magnitude of the achievement the headline implies.”

--CNBC Reporter Darren Rovell

This feeds into the insane narrative the conservatives and fascist businessmen want to tell about the President and American life. Their narrative forces people to think America is the greatest without questioning or being right. A blinds patriotism to be defended by any means. They work them into a frenzy over the changing social values of America. They want people to believe they are superior just because they were born in America. Further, they want to defend this “old” America and think the people working in their best interest are destroying the core of American values. The worse part, it seems to be working. Fox ratings and revenue are up.

I believe there is still hope. I believe we have a President with the interests of average Americans on top of his to-do list. The President choose a Secretary Of Energy that understands the impotence of conserving energy. If a Senator from South Carolina has seen the effects of a warming planet, I believe people in positions of power are taking the responsibility to act in the best interest of their constituents and not heartless corporations. There is hope for the presents agenda. And the White House sees what is at stake, the terms of many elected officials and a second Presidential term of Barack Obama.