Friday, November 20, 2009

NFL Week 11: Turkeys, Chickens and the Real Steak

The post season picture is starting to develop. The Natti taking a strangle hold on the AFC North after stopping the powerful steelers was the most surprising. Peyton showing it just might be his year, this year. The Hoody showed again, how large his balls are. He went for the win, nobody should have a problem with that. When you have one of the greatest quarterbacks, wide-outs and the mastermind, one cannot question the call. The same people on the TV would be praising the call if they make it. I am praising the ballsy decision, regardless of the outcome. The Pats still have a grip on their division and can beat the Colts at home, the Hoody don't stress! Tom Cable benched Jamarcus Russell, what does the zombie Al think about it? It will not change much in the NFL wasteland they call the Oakland Raiders. How did the Saints stumble against the Rams and make it a close game, great teams puts game away and cover the spread! And how boring was the Monday night game?


At Detroit -3.5 Cleveland

The snooze of the week! Yes I am betting on the Lions to cover. After seeing a goose egg on Monday Night, I foresee a back to back and a coach firing. I am not betting on the Lions but I am betting on the ineptness of the Cleveland offense.

Pittsburgh -10 At Kansas City

Coming off a tough loss in Pittsburgh against hard noised Bengals the Big Ben will have a play day with the Kansas City Defense. It is probably snowing in Kansas City, no matter, Big Ben has shown he can play outside. I can think of no reason to the Chiefs can keep this game competitive. Any given Sunday, hopefully not.

At Green Bay -6.5 San Francisco

The 49ers held on for a tough victory Thursday night against an Urlacher-less Bears team, putting up a messily 10 and were spotted 5 interceptions. That being stated, The Green Bay offense has gained some yards but stumbled at important times. Both teams are playing for their playoff hopes. In the Tundra, The 49ers play to its strengths. Running the ball, controlling the ball will slow the game down to a crawl. The Packers offense will get cold and out of sync but will be in the game because the same will happen with the 49ers offense. A toss up but the 49ers might force a key turnover to win outright.

San Diego -3 At Denver

Denver will be fired up after a disappointing loss against the Redskins. But without the steady arm of Orton, the Broncos cannot compete with their back up. The Chargers are looking to take a hold of the AFC West. L.T. Is running great again and the quarterback play has been steady. San Diego by a couple of touch downs.

Philadelphia -3 At Chicago

Cutler was erratic in San Fransisco. Look for that to continue against the Eagles. The Chicago offense cannot keep up with the fast paced Eagles. Westbrook is out with a soft melon, but the rookie, looked great a few weeks ago, he can build on that and the chemistry will be better. Cutler may throw another 5 interceptions or five touchdowns, either way the Eagles will keep up and win by a touchdown.

Last Week: 3-2

Season: 26-23

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Last week was disappointing. The Patriots hanging on to beat the Dolphins, the Cowboys proving themselves against Philly and the Panthers playing above expectations and fighting hard to beat the spread. After winning only a game last week, I am poised to stay above five-hundred for the season. On to the money making picks!

At Pittsburgh -7 Cincinnati

Pittsburgh's championship defense will continue to do what they do. The Natti, has been playing like team with something to prove, improved defense, Ocho and the Palmer are playing they way Cincinnati expected. What a slobber knocker this game is gonna be.

At Tennessee -7.5 Buffalo

Vince Young and Chris Johnson looked terrific against the average 49ers. Facing another team disgraced in mediocrity, the Buffalo Bills. If the Bills quarterback can get the ball to Terrell Owens on a few deep plays the Bills defensive will get a shot keeping this game competitive.

New Orleans -14 At St. Louis

The Saints struggled early but came roaring back in a classic comeback last week. Look for Brees to not fall behind at all and light up the Rams for a bunch of yards and passing touchdowns. Reggie Bush will again be all lover the field and has the ability to score anywhere on that field. Bush might even jump from the 10 yard line into the end zone this week. Saints in a rout, the over is looking great.

Atlanta -1.5 At Carolina

Atlanta looked like a team with something play for against the struggling 'Skins. Carolina fought hard against the Saints but came up well short. Carolina will keep this game competitive. Look for both quarterbacks to be slinging the ball a lot. Atlanta defensive just might take advantage of this and intercept a few Delhomme passes.

Dallas -3 At Green Bay

Almost a throw back to the 90's in a tough, rugged frozen tundra. Both teams still in the hunt. Green Bay up against the ropes a bit. Aaron Rodgers, the kid from Bute, has everything to prove with his team struggling. The Packers looked pathetic against the creme sickle throwbacks Buccaneers. Looked for Green Bay to play inspired on all sides of the ball. Fired up at Lambeau Field, the Packers defensive will get at Romo and he will falter as will the Dallas defense. Green Bay in a close low scorning ground game, slug fest, a purist's game.

Last Week: 1-3

Season: 23-21