Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Michele Bachmann & Allies: Obama Doesn't Say 'God' Enough

abolish all religion
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I Am Julian Assange

I am Julian Assange.

I want informatio­n so that I can hold my government accountabl­e. If my country acts improperly and in my name, I want the proof. I want to know if there actually is no evidence proving weapons of mass destructio­n.
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I Am Julian Assange

I am Julian Assange.

I want informatio­n so that I can hold my government accountabl­e. If my country acts improperly and in my name, I want the proof. I want to know if there actually is no evidence proving weapons of mass destructio­n.
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I Am Julian Assange

I am Julian Assange. I want informatio­n so that I can hold my government accountabl­e. If my country acts improperly and in my name, I want the proof. I want to know if there actually is no evidence proving weapons of mass destructio­n.
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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Hang One, Hang 'Em All

Alec, a lot of hate, not much substance. 2 things Assange will have achieved by spearheadi­ng wikileaks, 1 Assange has achieved more fame than any baldwin will ever have 2 he has become the top enemy for corportist­s and war profiters. Assange is on a quest for the truth regardless of who it puts in danger. Sounds noble and uniquely America. Your so quick to question weather the leaks WILL lead to...I'm not to sure what your insinuatin­g when you claim, "...compro­mised the safety of American intelligen­ce and diplomatic operatives­..." No mention of Iraq or Afghanista­n civilian deaths. Why are you protecting war profiters and corporatis­ts?
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Hang One, Hang 'Em All

Alec, a lot of hate, not much substance. I don't get the comparison­, What did Assang gain from spearheadi­ng wikileaks, 1, more fame than any baldwin will have and 2 to become the enemy of many corporatis­ts and war profiters. Groups u are protecting­, but why? Assange is on a quest for truth regardless of who he puts in danger, including himself, pretty heroic and uniquely American.
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Sunday, November 21, 2010


Week 11 and the Raiders are contending and have a chance to further shock the NFL universe. It is all to possible for them to drop the rest of remaining games and finish how most NFL prognosticators thought they would. But this is the dawn of the new NFL. A league where teams do not go 10-0 to start the seasons. Talent seems to be more better evaluated and even better deployed these days.



Most NFL talking heads are predicting Oakland will be taken advantage of like a young intoxicated lady inside the bathroom at a nightclub. The Steeler offense is not signicially better than the Raider defense. The question will be will QB Jason Campbell step and continue his ascendancy to a Pro Bowl QB or will he hold onto the ball until he gets pulled from the field. QB play will be the determining factor in this game and most games played in the league.



Washington looked pathetic in the loss that seemed like a fast paced Madden game on the PS3. Look for their new signed quarterback Mcnabb to recover from last weeks disappointing perfomce. Mcnab will prove his worth against an average Tennessee defense, ranked 20th in total yards allowed.

Green Bay


Favre really hasn't played to up to his legacy this year. Inside the dome, Favre will be settled and look for him to regain some of his past glory. Also look for the Minnesota defense to be playing with more than something to prove as their season has almost slipped through the hands of Chilly and the Vikings,


N.Y. Jets+6.5

Houston can move the ball, ranked 6th in total offense. They cannot stop much of anyone and are ranked near the bottom in total yards allowed. This game will only try to be as entertaining as Rex Ryan clowning while impersonating his brother Rob. Houston and the two field goals, easy money. No blowout here.

2010 NFL SEASON RECORD: 29-24-3


Sunday, November 14, 2010

NFL Week 10: Almost Thanksgiving, When Things Get Interesting.

Yesterday wasn't a total wash, I didn't get to pick any college games or watch any, but the day was productive. The story and game I want to go back and watch is, Oregon barley beating CAL. California showed they can play with the elite teams, that should be a great story leading into the big game and next year. How sick was the Raiders game. Raider fan needed that, the league needed that. Al Davis needed that like a (insert bad joke about Oakland). Week ten, the big stories, Raiders in contention for the AFC West, Randy Moss being pass around like dubbie at a rock concert, the Chiefs leading the west, Jerryland crumbling in Dallas, Matty Ice Ryan and the Falcons, 7-2, the 49ers still having a chance in the NFC West and many other things to talks about. Some might look at the league not having an undefeated team in week 7 and see seemingly mediocrity, the half empty view. The league seems to be getting more depth, all around the field, with most divisions having more than 2 contending teams. The coaches deserve some credit, preparation for role players and number twos. The NFL is a next man up league, the team that can fill those spots, best will always contend. This year, it seems the biggest stories are not on the field, yet. But the biggest was on display Thursday. Two emerging Pro Bowl quarterbacks, Joe Flacco of the Ravens and Matt Ryan of the Falcons. Matty Ice, was exactly that leading his team to victory in on the final drive. 

Tennessee +1

Vince Young it still injuried and will not play. Veteran Kerry Collins will play care taker as coach Jeff Fisher will pound the ball with that beast of a running back, Chris Johnson. The under looks good in this game, Miami will be looking to pound the Titans defense into a bloody pulp like Manny did Margarito face last night. Tennessee with a late field goal for the win. Who is this Moss guy they keep talking about?

Kansas City-1

The Chiefs are looking to rebound against a division opponent and avoid two divisional losses in a row. The mile high stadium will be loaded with mile high fans hungry for the third win of the season. Denver will be looking to stop the run, and they haven't had much success this season, ranked 31st in opponent rushing. Kansas City will pound it, so the under looks great with the top rushing team in the league. In more off the field news, former De La Salle standout, DJ Williams was arrested for driving under the influence. His second DUI landed him a stiff fine and maybe a few quarters in suspension this week.

New England+5

Match up of the week. Brady, Big Ben, must watch football nuff said. Brady and the points...easy money.

St. Louis +4.5
San Fransisco

2010 NFL SEASON RECORD: 27-22-3


Sunday, November 7, 2010


The Raiders and Chiefs game is being hyped as the Raiders return to glory, as well as the Chiefs. A rivalry renewed. I view it as the first sell out and the home televised game in a long while. So long I cannot remember the last time I watched a Raiders home game on television. In the AFC West, San Diego is in a must win game, against the talented but bottom ranked defense, Houston. Favre tries to battle his way back from that hilarious carting off at the end of last week's game, if he gets the start. Iron man will. The Monday night game seems to be a great match up, the Bengals need wins and a lot to make this season count as the windows starts to shut on Carson Palmer and his aging pair of wide out. I thought they pout the best match up of the week, on Sunday night. Not this week, a good Green Bay team, Rodgers is always fun to watch, but Dallas, well I guess it's going to be fun to watch them get destroyed on Sunday night, in the national spotlight.

San Diego


San Diego surely cannot drop to 3-6, with their stats, top ranked in passing, opponent's passing yards, opponent's rushing yards but middle of the pack, 15th in rushing yards. Houston can run the ball, ranked 6th in the league. A great match up at quarterback, will be a great game. Will Schauwb or Rivers win it or loose it?

Tampa Bay +10


Tampa Bay is grity, can run the ball and has an emerging quarterback who protects the ball and makles plays when the play ois there. Ranked near the middle of the leauge in each major team statsic, the 5-2 Bucs find ways to win. 10 points is a lot when talent seems on the level. The quarterback play by Atlanta's Matt Ryan, or Matty Ice, has been near the top this year. With losses to the Steelers and the Eagles, the Falcons will grind the ball with the Burner and look to wear down the Bucs and hit the deep play. Will Josh Freeman continue his emergence and beat another top quarterback?

New England-4


Great quarterbacks play great anywhere and in any weather conditions. Look for Brady to domiante the hopeful Browns. The Browns can show a lot of improvent and excitemdt to at least contendt in this game after coming off an impressive victory against the defending Super Bowl champions, New Orleans.

Miami +5.5


The under looks great in this match up. Both talented defenses and offenses that can struggle at times. The real thing to watch is the Ravens defense against the Miami offense. Can Chad Henne, is Henne the Miami QB *goggles* yup. I'm not betting on Henne, I'm betting the Dolphins defense can keep this game with a field goal. I see a late field goal winning it for Baltimore.



Manning getting points, on the road will a lock, for sure. Any time a quarterback, with the elite talent and preparation like Peyton, jump on it, all over it. Look for the Colts defense to be be prepared for Vick and look for Vick to be stymied and held in check by the well prepared defense of Indianapolis.

2010 NFL SEASON RECORD: 25-19-3


Saturday, November 6, 2010


So if I'm having a tough time still comprehending that Nate Scherholtz, the clown with the beard, Zito, Bum beazy Bumgarnder, Renteria and the rest the motley crew they call the Giants won the World Series in five games, how are Giants fans feeling after waiting over 50 years for their first championship in San Fransisco. ! The paper said they will be making offers to Carl Crawford, the Giants have an opportunity to build a dynasty and win several championships over the next five years. I think I still hear Giant fans screaming from across the bay! Anyways, enough of that individual sport baseball, the ultimate team game is going to have a couple of memorable days as college football inches closer to its conclusion. Big Oklahoma rivalry game when Baylor goes into OK State, great SEC match up Arkansas coming into South Carolina. Top ranked Oregon should roll against Washington at home. Auburn has an equally challenging test in the Southern;'s conference Chattanooga. The Super Bowl of the small schools conference's, TCU heads to the Utah both ranked in the top five. Winner puts themselves in the best position to finish thirds and in the second biggest bowl game, not the National Championship game. A big Pac 10 match up in Stanford and Arizona. Cal is trying to hype a new quarterback and is laying a bunch of points against a struggling Washington team.

Louisville +7


Coming off a 20-3 disappointing loss against Pittsburgh, the Cardinals are looking to rebound with a tough road citroy, but probably will loose by a field goal. Top rusher for Louisville, Bilal Powel has several games over two hundred yards, look for him to pound the ball and grind that clock. Syracuse is ranked near the bottom half in rushing yards look for that rank to slide a little bit more.

Illinois +3


Michigan is more talented than their speedy quarterback, Robinson. But the fighting Illini, fight back. The rule book always says stay away from road dogs, especially in the college game. I got a hunch, my guy is tingling that Illinois will cover and keep this close, if they do not upset the Wolverines.

Minnesota +24

Michigan St

Sparta can score, Minnesota has a few play makers on defense. Enough , not to get totally obliterated and make it some kind of game. Without a single win in conference play, and ranked near the bottom in points against and points for, the Golden Golfers have a lot to prove amid there struggling season.



Oregon is great, enough to blow this Washington squad out by 50. Thats the problem expectations are high in Eugene and the place Ducks stadium might receive a few crack from the thundering noise.


Iowa State +17

Big 12, big game. 2 touchdowns and a field goal, three possessions. Can the Corn Husker's over come this spread against a tough Iowa State team, nope, especially on the road.


Texas A&M+3.5

Big state, big game, little spread. A&M will make this a game, weather they will cover, is still to be decided. Oklahoma is ranked 5th in passing yards but 28th in points against. The Aggies are ranked right behind the Sooner in passing yards at 6th in the nation. The over looks lovely in this game. The spread how ever looks a little muggy. If A&M can play some defense and make some big stops this game will be close until the final seconds. Oklahoma, by a field goal.

Saturday, October 30, 2010


It's definitely because of the top Raiders countdown on the NFL Network on in the background because I am not picking them as a favorite and most likely wont this season. They showed they can dominate a game, it was beautiful. The Raiders haven't won back to back games in 23 games, they haven't been 500 in a couple of years, they have a great opportunity to achieve both of these things and we'll find out if they are contenders. Ya, all road dogs, thats college you stay away from road dogs. These are professionals, they are suppose to be ready for the crowd noise and play smart football. Anyone hear about Favre's injury? Unplug from the hype machine, its football day.



The Dallas Cowboy's season has been proclaimed over, their star quarterback out for at least a couple of months. Already off to a terrible start their hopes turn to Jon Kitna, a talented defense and the running game. The last reason, the under looks good, and the spread looks great. Dallas might win, this game will be close, both teams can and will establish a running game and keep the score low. Kitna has been in the league 14 years you don't stay around that long and not be able to carry a team with a solid running game and defense, don't count the Cowboys out yet. Cowboys by a field goal.

Denver +2.5

San Fransisco

San Fransisco fans are too occupied with the Giants to comprehend how over rated their team was this year. At quarterback, the defense and firing the offense coordinator all symptoms of a team exp[ecting too much. Luckily for the 49ers the fans are distracted by the World Series, I can sympathize and would mind if one of my teams suffered through a terrible season if my other team got a chance for a world title. Denver has a lot to prove after a disastrous loss last week.

Green Bay+6

N.Y. Jets

Rodgers and a proven Green Bay offense against a star defense and offense but a young quarterback who might be thinking too high of himself and needs a snap back to reality, like the Packers. This is must watch football and way closer than 6 points. Next pick please!


San Diego

The Chargers come in against the Titans ranked 1st in passing yards, 1st in opponents passing yards and 4th in opponents rushing yards. The only stat not in the the top five is, rushing yards. The Chargers are tied for last with the Broncos and their stats are refletive of a team who makes timely mistakes and throws the ball way too much. Yes a talented quarterback, but throwing more than needed will get you picked and turnovers loose games more than anything else.

Tampa Bay+3


Tampa Bay head coach, Raheem Morris, claimed his squad is the best in the league. Confidence, the odds makers don't feel the same. But remember their goal is to induce action, can you resists the points? Trendy pick, maybe. Who quarterbacks for the Cardinals, exactly.

2010 NFL SEASON RECORD: 22-17-3

LAST WEEK: 2-4-1

Obama Rally In Chicago (LIVE VIDEO): President Hopes To Energize Voters Ahead Of Elections


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I believe one of the rules when predicting the out comes for college football is stay away from road favorites. The reasoning seems to be logical, these are not professionals they make mistakes. Ad an audience of thousands of screaming, probably intoxicated, rowdy and hostile fans those mistakes are amplified. So, the trendy trend this week seems to be the top ranked teams will fall as road favorites. TCU is the only lock but 35 points is whomp dinger. Auburn, Oregon, Michigan State will all win on the road, MSU is getting almost a touchdown so that looks to be the lock of the week. BCS haters will have to wait another week for the unbeaten big conference teams to loose so Boise State can sneak into the national championship game. All these top ranked teams on the road are must watch, it looks to be another great week in college football land.

Michigan St+6.5


With quarterback, Kirk Cousins having thrown 14 touchdowns a receiver with 4 touchdowns and another with 5. With two backs who can score from anywhere on the field, Edwin Baker and Le'Veon Bell. Both underclassmen, Baker the sophomore has 7 touchdowns and the freshman Bell has 8 end zone celebrations. Iowa and quarterback Stanzi are coming off a tough home loss against Wisconsin and will be motivated again at home. But the Spartans are getting 6 and a half, lock it in.


Boston College

The Clemson Tigers have a top 20 ranked defense. A speedy running back in Andre Ellington. This game will be more about how bad Boston College is. Not ranked above 60 in any major team statistic. Ya, a road favorite, you beazy.

Oklahoma St -4

Kansas State

My favorite college coach let me down last week against a tough Nebraska team. Gundy and his Cowboys can slang the ball down field. With 21 touchdowns already this season and rankled 3rd in passing Junior Brandon Weeden will lead his team to an impressive road victory.



4th in points against, the Missouri Tiger have a tough team identity on that side of the ball. Ranked near the bottom in rushing yards they might be too reliant on the passing game.

Texas Tech+7.5

Texas A&M

Big in state game in a big state. Will be close by the rule of most great rivalry games are close, closer than seven and a half points.


Oregon St-3

Cal won big last week, look for them to stumble on the road and the chatter about coach Tedford's job security will continue.

Ohio State


Ohio state is good but not that goods on the road. Minnesota looses by two touchdowns. Have a safe but terrifying Halloween. Lates

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Pittsburgh -3


Big Big in his second game back, over rated Dolphins. Mollywhomped, it might be close for a half or so but the Steelers defense will keep the Dolphins AWAY from the end zone and the Steelers offense will play keep away and control the ball with the run and smart quarterback play. Chad who? Henne, exactly, a top rule is always bet with the better quarterback and if that quarterback has a hall of fame defense behind him, its a damn lock!


Atlanta -3.5

Matty ice, home field, Turner the Burner, an overrated and over hyped Cincinnati team; it looks to be an easy winner. The Natti has some talent but is young on defense but have two great and aging wide receivers, a great quarterback who can sling it. But football is the ultimate team sport. This means nothing if the Bengals cannot stop the Atlanta offense. Flacons in a blow out!


New Orleans -13.0

Drew Brees against a weak Cleveland defense, I am a little surprised the spread isn’t 16 or 18. This game will get out of hand early. Who play quarterback for the who? What is the name of the football team in Cleveland, do they still have a basketball team?



Some games are statement games. Usually for one team the statement qill lead to a new confidence, some might say swagger. The Ravens defense already has this swag, the offense is on its way there, Ravens and Flacco in a route.

San Francisco

Carolina +3

The 49ers coming off the big win in battle of the boo boo bay. Both teams looked pathtic, it was an offense struggle, not a defense battle. The bad news for bay area football is the 49ers have a little hope and it will be crushed by the 0-5 panthers.

St. Louis

Tampa Bay-3

Buccaneers at home, weak St. Louis defense and a rookie quarterback. Enough reasons the home favorite should cover, probably easy.

New England +2.5

San Diego

Brady and Billicheck as underdogs, never pass up this rare opportunity to receive points and have an elite quarterback against a team that loss to the Raiders! Come on man!

2010 NFL SEASON RECORD:20-13-2

LAST WEEK: 4-3-1

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Some college football Saturdays, you miss all of the morning games. Maybe it was the schooling or work week that wore you out and your playing catch up on your sleep from just last night. Either way, your pissed cause you knew they're some winners in there. So, you reminder your self, they all could been losers as well and continue with the games yet to kick off, assuming you have some insight in the game you will be risking something on.

North Carolina +6.5

Miami (FL)

One of those rules a few seasons back would be bet only against the Tarheels in football. But a lot has changed, both teams have quarterbacks who can sling the ball. Jacory Harris for Miami can get loose from any spot on the field. The game will be close, and Miami will win by a late field goal set up by a Jacory Harris scramble from mid field to with in range of their kicker.


East Carolina -13.5

ECU always has many game during the week. It seems they own the Versus channel as well. Marshall got the spot light a few weeks ago and if they hope to compete in this game, they must play harder and faster. ECU by a bunch of touch downs.

Wisconsin +6.5


Big schools from the Big ten. Iowa should have been on my radar, but they sneaked up on me and played fabulous football except when they lost to Arizona, at home. I expect that to continue but this will be a close Big Ten conference struggle. Iowa by a late field goal.

Kansas State

Baylor -6.5

Baylor is ranked 13th in the nation in passing yards. Kansas State defends the pass ranked in the middle of the nation. Look for Baylor to take its opportunities down field, and win those battles. Baylor in a blow at home.


Missouri +6

Plus six, at home. Confrence rivals, Tigers competing with the number 1 team in the nation. Much to play for and be excited as a Missouri fan. Great game, must watch! Can't Wait!


Oklahoma St +3

Cowboys, at home. Gundy giving his I am a man speech! I learned the lesson of never betting against your favorite coach when, even when coach is on the road against a conference rival. Cowboys roll at home.

Arizona State +3


Cal has been embarrassed a few times this season and lasts. Always coming in with high expectations, coach Tedford has yet to find a quarterback to lead his team to PAC dominance and his dreams of being in the national championship conversation will have to wait for next year again.

Louisiana State

Auburn -5

The battle of the red and crimson Tigers against, the yellow and purple of LSU Tigers. Auburn's Jordan-Hare Stadium will be the loudest in recent memory. 1 quarterback, 2 names Cameron Newton. The speedy QB can throw the ball as well the ability to score from any spot on the field. LSU and Les Miles keep it close through the first half, but Auburn runs it up and in their face in the quarters where it counts most.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Veterans Group Files FEC Complaint Against The Chamber: Foreign Funds Pose 'Clear And Present Danger' To U.S. Democracy

word, can we compare the amount of profits one of these conglomerate with those of a union coffer? The unions hold piddles in amount of $ and influence when compared to these mulit national corporations. Union goals are to protect workers, corporations are psychopathic by nature, they were created to make money. Add a culture that values money and power above all else and we end up with a unique blend of corporate fascism with a dictator who forces us to buy private health care! But the same President signed the same bill which prohibits same private insurers from throwing people off health insurance for being sick. With the other guys in power, they were refusing too see sick people, throwing them out on the streets.

Why don't you try reading somethings before you enrage a flame war.


Of the 100 largest economies in the world, 51 are corporations; only 49 are countries (based on a comparison of corporate sales and country GDPs).

And why do u feel the need to defend the kings?
About 2010 Elections
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Veterans Group Files FEC Complaint Against The Chamber: Foreign Funds Pose 'Clear And Present Danger' To U.S. Democracy

They have the same mentality as gangster rappers, $ over bitches, I mean citizens.
About 2010 Elections
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Sunday, October 17, 2010


Some gamblers like to use trendy trends but like each black jack hand, each hand, or game has is its own independent trial. American football is more compacted than a deck of cards. The players are human and we are limited to the information that would affect their play. Many variables, but coaches don't change often. The NFL is about having a system that puts players in the best position to win and knows when the players start declining in production. And frekin quarterbacks, without a quarterback, you could end up 0-5, like the 49ers.

San Diego -8.5
St. Louis

The Chargers want to make a statement after a loss to the Raiders. After beating a team 13 times in a row, you will get mad when the streaks ends. The Rams will learn this lesson and will not make a game of this. The rookie Bradford will struggle against a tough Changer defense.

Kansas City +4

The Castle against the Schaub. Coach Hailer for the Chiefs, the Billicheck disciple will have his team ready, on the road. Texas, dead last in passing defense. Matt Castle will eat up the secondary and look to establish themselves as a power in the AFC.

New England -2.5

I was thinking about picking the Ravens on the road, but if rule # 1 is don't bet against Peyton, then rule 1 a is don't bet against Brady and Bellicheck. Must watch game, nuff said.

Minnesota -1.5

Ohh, the rumors in Dallas will be swirling about coaches job security if they cannot pull a road win against the gun slinger Favre. Both have tough and aggressive defense. Head will be rolling, knocking and careers might be on the line. Vikes by 6 in the desperation bowl.

Pittsburgh -14
Big Bens's return, he's ready for his redemption story. Back to being himself, a football player, he said. The Steelers roll at home, excited to see their start quarterback back on the field.

N.Y. Jets
Denver +3.5

So are the Jets doing hard knocks again? It only makes sense, they found the best character in the NFL, Rex Ryan. They slip a little this week. Denver, at home, win outright by a field goal.

New Orleans -4
Tampa Bay

Bucs quarterback Josh Freeman is being hyped as a player who can lead the Bucs back to where Gruden lead them, the Super Bowl. I'm not buying it, not this week. Saints are looking for a statement game on the road against a young and tough Tampa Bay team.

Oakland +7

San Fransisco

Battle of the Bay bitches. No way more than 4 points separates these teams. They are trying to entice the Raider Nation into wagering. We are and probably betting big after a great win over San Diego. I can't wait.

2010 NFL Record 17-10-1


Saturday, October 16, 2010


So, 14 games above 500 hundred, am I separating form the field? Or, have I been over rated and will I crumble late in the game as time expires. Auburn/Arkansas and Ohio State/Wisconsin big time teams, big time, conferences, must watch games. 7 weeks in I'm not really focused on many rules, road dogs are usually bad in the college game, I always keep that in mind. Snap counts, audibles a lot of stuff to deal with the on the road.

Ohio State +4

Big Ten, Big prime time football. A great opportunity for Wisconsin, at home to pick off a Heisman trophy candidate and a National Championship contender, and put a their names on the Map and the talking heads will proclaim the Big Ten has a great depth of great teams. #6 in points for, # 7 in points against, the Buck Eyes are the closest thing to a lock, even on the road. The Sweater-Vest will prepare his team for the road and the QB star, Pryor will shine in an impressive road victory.

Arkansas +3.5

69th in passing yards, 45th in points against but 8th ranked nationally in rushing yards. When a team gets one dimensional they get predictable, damn stale. Both of these teams can get stgant, the Tigers only average a little more than 200 yards passing per game, but when the option and the run is blazing, they are a contender in the talented SEC. Great football, must watch!

North Carolina
Virginia +6.5

The Cavaliers can slang it a little. Vercia has 1100+ passing yards but only 6 touchdowns. 71st in points scored, so the 6 and a HALF in crucial. The Tar Heels are not ranked over 45 in any major team stat. Virgina has learned from tough losses at Georgia Tech and Florida State.

Syracuse +1.5

The Herbstreet called Syracuse an outright win. Was it the hype machine or a true winner? I'll take the points and the home field advantage. 11th nationally ranked in points agiainst. Nuff said, next pick please.

Michigan St -7

Sparty, at home. Big win against big brother last week. Good thing it's only 7, they might be a little hung over from that win against the speedy Denard Robinson. 21st in points against, the Fighting Illini, cannot pass the ball, near the bottom in passing yards. Locked!

Iowa State
Oklahoma -22

Sooners at home, big school, big points, covered, easy! Right?

Miss. State
Florida -7.5

The Herbstreet, picked, Miss State, freaking out right, ballsy! Meyer, at home, Tebow Ltie. Come On HERB! Top ranked defense, top ranked rushing offense. Good progrmas, elite programs, do not loose 3 in a row. LSU, and Alabama, Gators roll after two disappointing losses.

Michigan -3

Home dog, take it. Denard, fast Michigan team, pumped to redeem themselves, at home. Seems easier then it looks. Going against the #1 ranked defense in the Hawkeyes, the Wolverines looked to set that early trend right and put up a gang of points.

Washington St +23.5

23.5 points at home, nuff said. Right? Crowd will help a less talented Washington State. I love home dogs, in college.



Friday, October 15, 2010

Answering some clown on the FB.

Citizens united made our fascist state official. Corruption is legal. Government was deemed for the private profit, not the public good.
1) Direct expenditures through trade associations or other special tax-exempt entities which expressly advocate the election, or defeat, of a particular candidate. Such outlays were forbidden by federal election law that was voided by the Court on First Amendment grounds in January of this year.


Hartman sums the problem up the best. How they destroy the public good and get the pubic to support destroying that good.

Hartman and I have moved past the Right/Left paradigm and realize it's about workers and corporations.

"I have heard nothing about business spending that much money this primary cycle."

Lay off the corporate cable news. The news channels get paid each time a political ad runs on their network and the other channels the networks own. These ads get you access to the voters. Without that $ you do not have the same access. Fox and MSNBC have the same agenda, $.

Wouldn't it be a better system, and we would find the best STATESMEN if they both STARTED WITH THE SAME AMOUNT OF MONEY. The one who spends it most wisely and wins the most votes.

Speech shouldn't be limited by the amount of money you have to raise to get your ads on the TV. Do you want your lawmakers making laws or fund raising?

Lawmaking please!

"I have heard nothing about business spending that much money this primary cycle."

REALLY??? no really?

"A sluggish economy hasn't slowed political donations this campaign season."

"So much cash is now flowing to both parties that the 2010 election is on track to be the expensive midterm in history."

"votes for bigger Government, and job killing regulations."

Less talking points and more independent thought.

We need sensible regulation to protect oil rig workers, miners and regulates for off shore drilling. BIG GOVERNMENT TO regulate home loans. Can you equate these recent disasters with with regulations being violated, for the private profit. The problem is the corporations who choose to violate and destroy any laws that affect their profit, like laws prohibiting mortgagees that adjust after a small teaser rate. How are regulation the enemy, how is government the enemy? Orwell would of not been surprised.

more articles on influence peddling in elections.

"By a stark 64 to 27 percent margin, voters oppose this decision, with 47 percent strongly opposed. A majority of Democrats, Republicans and independents are opposed, but independents show the strongest antagonism, with 72 percent disagreeing with the ruling"

DADT Repeal: Obama Vows To End DADT, While Seeking Stay Of Repeal Ruling

who drafted the legislation, who got paid to lobby, still getting paid to lobby. Just repeal it because you wouldn't want to be treated that way, forced to keep secrets, WTF!
About Gay Rights
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Sunday, October 10, 2010

FDIC Ready To Sue Executives From Failed Banks

no, how you pointed it out, thats hard, ur hard. Not the difficulty of the corporate jets sneaking stuff in!
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After a successful week it is important to stay with your bank roll management plan. Do not get over confident and stick with your normal size bets, you need to survive the swings of gambling. If you feel the need to put big money a a game, spread it over several games, hedge your bets a little. Great advice coming off a 5-0 NFL week last and a 4-1 college Saturday, yesterday. Must watch Monday night, Favre, Moss. Ryan and Sanchez, Revis island and the crazy coach. Biggest surprise so far, the Chiefs are the only undefeated team left in the league. They play the Colts, will it last, probably not. But will they cover, maybe the spread seems awfully high.It was a great college Saturday, will the pro day exceed the expectations?

Green Bay

Washington + 3

Skins and the pints at home. The past and future meet in this great and intriguing QB match up. Game will come down to a field goal. The Redskins fans haven't been this excited since, when were the Sins good? I do believe that was before my time. Mcnabb, Rodgers, freakn nuff said.

Denver +7


Orton can sling it. But will he make a mistake, and the Ravens could easily put this game out of reach not let them linger around like average defenses. Baltimore at home. A rule I usually live by is not betting against Ray Lewis and his defensive. But the Broncos looked impressive against the Tennessee defense they are way better than getting 7 points on the road.

Kansas City +8


Kansas City has looked like the class of the AFC West. Above average, good defense, steady offense around the Castle.

Tennessee +6


Picks on the wire. Always get your picks in early, but not too early. Injuries and the line can change. Get up early, take care of it, make those deadlines. Dallas has big expectations, look for them to struggle early but reddem themselves and possibly blow out the Titans. But coaches match ups are always key. Jeff Fischer is a better, more proven coach than the Cowboy's Wade Phillips. The Titans will be ready for a fight and make this game close, a field goal will decide.

Minnesota +5

N.Y. Jets

Must watch, game of the week. Sensational story lines, a new face to the old Vikings. If Moss can deliver, will the perception of the Hoody change? Will questions start to boil, or does 3 Super Bowls assure you the respect of the league for the rest of your career. Well, if it works that way, I understand, he's a walking legend, with the final chapters yet to be written,. Just watch, the hype machine will get u hyped for this one, believe me! A last question, will the Raiders have a home game televised this year, not looking that way.

2010 NFL Record 15-7-1


Friday, October 8, 2010


A fans paradise. My favorite part of the year, MLB playoff getting stated college football getting into the thick of the schedule and pro ball turning the quarter way point. SF Giants looking good. The whole bay seems a little excited, SF fans seem too excited, you need bats to win. Giants have the pitching even without Zito, can they score enough runs?

Damn, some might think a tough week is 4-5. could have been a lot worse, or better. The a roller coaster among other things. When a team comes in 10 point dogs and gets blown out by 50 something, careers might be at stake, coaches are nervous. Was that a statement, some think, I believe Kansas might prove them selves to be that bad. Big rivalry game, Kansas at home, great football. On to the picks, O... who did the Vikings get???

Michigan St

Michigan -5.0

The best defense Robinson has faced this year. Was the rule no road dogs in college ball. Michigan in a route. Michigan has an opportunity to prove they will own the Big Ten this year and compete for a national championship.

Minnesota +22


I don't want to contradict myself too quickly but 22 points is a whole bunch. Big Ten rivals, division rival will be the exception. Who said rules were made to be broken.? No blow out here, a touch down will separate this game. Did a friend say divisional rivals are the exception to road dogs, or was the the pro game.

Boston College

NC State -10.0

The Wolfpack in a flesh tearing shredding of an opponent. The best cheer after a score, the WOOOOOLF howl. BC is almost 100th in points for and 108 in rushing yards. You gotta mnove the ball, they cannot, nuff said.

So. Cal + 10


The line moving only means one thing, there is money moving. A 3 point swing is not too much, don't be surprised to USC win this outright. Already playing with a chip on their shoulder, good teams do not loose two in a row. Give me the points, on the road, u beazy,

San Jose St+38


whole lotta points, San Jose will will loose but not that bad.



FDIC Ready To Sue Executives From Failed Banks

the tale of 2 America's, the wealthy elite, n everyone else.
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Sunday, October 3, 2010


Balled it, 5-0 last week. Most of these game this week had the initial feeling of staying away. Rule #1 if you lack confidence, stay away. Choose your battles wisely! A buddy learned a new rule, the hard way. College is rough some times. But this is Sunday, a new day. The NFL day. So the NFL rule I heard is no road dogs in divisional games. College is amateur but has a great style, hella games. NFL is professional, teams easier to follow, less changes each year. Week 4 get er going. Quarter of the season after this week. Seasons are being proclaimed over and divisional hunts are lurking. PICKS PLEASE!

Denver +7


One of the rules might be no road dogs. But non-division, NFL road dogs 7 tough points. Top ranked passing offense under Kyle Orton, passing, coach McDaniels, bred to coach. Taking a long shot at Tebow. The more I learn about this guy, the I like his style. The AFC West is a tougher division then what they get credit for, much like the NFC West will be at the end of this year and the next few years. Maybe not top tier but moving on up.

Baltimore +2.5


Baltimore, road dogs, hall of fame defense,. #1 ranked secondary. Rules say lay the points but I cannot bet against that Ravens defense. Pittsburgh looked impressive against a improving Tampa Bay squad. Charlie Batch is coming off an excellent showing in spot duty until big Ben gets back. Looks to be a head banger. Wish, Dennis Dixon, hadn't got hurt, bad luck again. He'll get an opportunity in the future. Thats what the NFL is all about, next MAN UP! Be sure is have the speaker blasting, the hat will be banging, and some body bell will be rung.

San Fransisco

Atalanta -6.5

Luv home favs!The average Niners. Their record doesn't reflect the talent, effort and passion of the team and head coach. Firing the offensive coordinator, the 6th one in 6 years. Thats instability, and they say the Raiders are unstable. The above average Falcons. The Falcons have taken, a QB, a defense. They might be legit. If they beat up on the 49ers, unlike the Saints they are legit, if anyone was questioning them.

Arizona +10

San Diego

Almost last in rushing yards allowed. A great showing against a Raiders defense thats has been hit and miss. Blow up a fool or swing and miss a tackle. Play for the kick and miss that ish. Chargers, top ranked team. With something to prove, at home. Seattle is better than the predicts know, they hung tough for awhile. Look for the same, Ariaonza hopefully doesn't lay an egg in the second half or something like that. Coach em up Wizenhunt!

Washington +6


Must See TV. Ooh the hype machine was in full effect. McNabb, Vick. Nuff said. Classic match. Way closer than 6 points, What do the lines makers know? To entice action, makes sense. Whose not betting Washington and the points? Ya, road dogs homey. And the FLIP FLOP, Kolb who? YEEeee

Chiacgo +3.5

New York.

If rule #2 is don't bet against Brady, rule #1 is don't bet agianst Mannig, O little brother. New York, is shaken, but at home. Might pull it out by a field goal, still a winner! Jay Cutty, road dogs, another one? Damn. Lets do it.

New England -1


Monday night special redeemer. Remember the goal of the sports book is to entice action, and the action is probably heavy on Brady and the Pats. Right? Whose taking the Dolphins as a int dogs?Henne? Chad, come on man. New England in a route. If all your games loose, bet the rent money on this one! Brady Pays -1, easy money double it chic.

2010 NFL Record 11-4-1


Saturday, October 2, 2010


New rule, stay away from road favorites. There are few gathering that compares when College Game Day comes to the west coast. These Ducks were up early, the sun wasn't even up yet! The Ducks and their duckling are ready to go for their prime time game in both teams PAC 10 opener. Watching the sunrise on College Game is a unique experience. Having went to football camp in Eugene and experienced the small town atmosphere where a kid said, all they have to do is drink and RUN! You know the football players can come close to be coming demigods. Oregon comes in with the Nations top offense. At home, that crowd will be rowdy, loud and ready for a battle. 6 points seems about right. This game will be close but that Oregon offense will hit a few big plays and will pull away in the 4th quarter. This game will top off an excellent Saturday and led to a even better NFL Sunday. PICKS PLEASE! N DID U SEE THOSE NEON YELLOW SHOES!!

“Sleep is over rated” “Never complain about the weather” Oregon coach Chip Kelly on his experience over seas with the American Military.

Northwestern -4

The Chippewas come in with a defense that has looked bad and ranked near the bottom of nation. Northwestern comes in with a top 20 offense and will look to punish the secondary of Minnesota. Home field means more in the college game, but the Wildcats are looking for a 5-0 start and being on top the Big Ten.

Miami -3

Miami QB Jacory Harris and coach Randy Shannon looked great against Ohio State but couldn't finish. Looked for the Canes to roll on the Tigers. Clemson can score a little bit, being ranked 17th in the nation. But Miami defense has been solid. They hung with Ohio Sate for the whole game. The 11th ranked defense in the nation will put a clamp on anything the Tigers try to do. Miami in a route.

Baylor -8.5

Somebody moved the line. Having opened at -5. Baylor is now 8.5 and Bodog has it at -9.5. Thats a lot of points. Baylor looks solid on both sides of the ball. Baylor is ranked in the top 30's in passing yards and points against. I like the line move and I see it as a great sign for Baylor at home. Baylor in a route!

Mississippi -3

I know I made a new rule, but there are always exceptions. Maybe not, The Rebels, come in having stumbled against season opener Jacksonville State and Vanderbilt. The Wildcats will keep this game close, but the home crowd and the hard hitting will wear on Kentucky. Mississippi pulls away late.

Florida +8

8 points for a talented Florida team is not that much. This game will be decided late and probably by a field goal. Bama at home. Alabama come in over rated if the Line is damn near 10 points. Florida might be the reason the line is so much. 8 points for Urban Meyer and his talented and quick team is way too much. And new QB, Tebow lite, I love this pick!

Michigan State +3

The Spartans at home, getting points, easy money. But the only thing lacking in Wisconsin is the passing game. Look for the crowd to get loud, disrupt the snap counts and make it tough for the Badgers.

Virginia Tech
NC State +4

Wolfpack QB Russell Wilson is off to a great start. NC State ranked 19th in passing but near the bottom in rushing yards. Tyrod Taylor might get loose a few times but the talent surrounding him and the V-Tech defense will not contain the Wolfpack offense. Close game but mistakes will hurt the Hookies and the Pack will pull away late.

Notre Dame
Boston College + 3

Somebody on game day said the Notre Dame defense looks like a HIGH SCHOOL team. How is BC a home dog? Notre Dame's teams are always over hyped, but the odds makers always look to entice action and this spread will do exactly that! BC by a few scores.

UPSET ALERTS: Alabama, Oklahoma, Michigan, Virgnia Tech,

Texas +4

It's not a game, it's a FIGHT! The Longhorns have everything to prove in coming into the The Red River clash of BIG 12 teams. The Bruins put it on the Horns last week. They will pumped to prove that was not a sign of things to come and will at least make this Red River Rivlary game competitive as always. OK by a late field goal.


Florida at Alabama

The Battle for the Command In Chiefs Trophy

Navy at Air Force

Future commanders, future Generals, military brass. Always fun and super competitive.

Texas at Oklahoma


Boise State routes New Mexico

Nevada destroys UNLV

TCU bunker busts Colorado State



Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Disabled Man to Tea Party: 'Reforming Social Security Would Cut My Lifeline'

The difference between the corporatist and the young hustler is honesty. The corporatists wrap up their selfness in family values, freedom and Jesus. These bay ballers r too hard, they bling in your face, rap about dealing drugs, punk u if you question them, their gangster.

"It's a beautiful mourning, I'm selling coke today"

J Stalin "Cocaine Cowboys"

Keep on your grind young hustler.
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Disabled Man to Tea Party: 'Reforming Social Security Would Cut My Lifeline'

Ayn Rand came up a few hours ago on this thread. I was slapping some J Stalin and was thinking of rational self interest. Specifically how rappers would view Ayn. I believe, they believe in what Ayn and the corporatists believe in, rational self interest, or rational egoism. A rapper is all about paper, gouda, fetti, scrill, gumbo, or $. The corporatists are the same, if they know something will not help their own interests they not only steer away from it, they kill it, just like a snitch. Gangster rappers sell the same image. If it don't make dollars it don't make sense, $ over bitches, $ outta women.
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Disabled Man to Tea Party: 'Reforming Social Security Would Cut My Lifeline'

Theres this rap lyric that comes to mind, extorting Ni..(fools) for $.
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Disabled Man to Tea Party: 'Reforming Social Security Would Cut My Lifeline'

They are Ayn Rayd disciples, they are their own god. If something does not benefit Their self interest (their god) it is immoral and should not be done. If you are acting in a selfless way, you are not acting in ur own self interest so u r immoral. So Jesus was immoral, Ghandi, MLK, were all immoral and should have been acting int their own self interest not their communities or countries best interests. Selflessness is the enemy, not selfness. Through the looking glass, evil is good, up is down, good is evil. There is no greater good!
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Disabled Man to Tea Party: 'Reforming Social Security Would Cut My Lifeline'

n e thing new here?
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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Religious Literacy: Americans Don't Know Much About Religion

If I ever become a believer I will probably hold this view.
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Religious Literacy: Americans Don't Know Much About Religion

we know have something to reference!
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Religious Literacy: Americans Don't Know Much About Religion

So coo! My catholic high school friends always discussed how we felt we being indoctrinated, the problem of evil, identity, all just interesting conversation at the time. Several years later I study Philosophy as a undergrad with an option in Law, Human Rights and Social Justice. Now this week, is my second weeks of grad school classes for communication. Does mysticism come from the East?
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Income Gap Widens: Census Finds Record Gap Between Rich And Poor

Can one's individual experience speak for a general appeal to human nature like my question? I don't believe so.
About Third World America
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Income Gap Widens: Census Finds Record Gap Between Rich And Poor

About Third World America
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Income Gap Widens: Census Finds Record Gap Between Rich And Poor

who said despair was part of of the human condition?
About Third World America
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Sunday, September 26, 2010


So the little brother, buffalo not circling the wagons, and the Warner less Cardinals messed up my picks last week. Lessons learned never bet on the little brother, never listen to Berman when he says the Bills will circle the wagons. But this thats gambling, I have a feeling they might this circle them this week against division rival New England. N why did a friend try n use a friends ID at the club and the bouncer said it was my id. WTF...No one has ever told me I look like that friend. N why would I let him use my ID, like, he wasn't gonna card me. Whatever, we took our business else where.

Tennessee Titans +3

New York Giants

Ground and pound but a Manning might bust it open in the new stadium. Little brother might get the the best of the Tennessee secondary but it will be close. The under looks good. Both teams will be hitting hard, a test of wills for teams with high expectations.

Dallas Cowboys +3

Houston Texans

They say don't bet with your emotions or your rooting interest. This is why I'm taking America's team and the points. There is noting I'd like to see more than the Cowboys loose to their in state little brother and start the season zero and THREE. That stadium will be rocking, Houston will come out strong but fade late. Romo will carry the Boys and get them back on track.

San Francisco 49ers

Kansas City Chiefs +3

Alex Smith and the Niners look impressive in that loss Monday Night. So it looks like the 49ers have a QB. So do the Chiefs and the ever strengthening Castle being built around him. Always pick home dogs, or was that college?

New York Jets +2½

Miami Dolphins

The Jets beat a top team last week after laying an egg the other week. Road dogs are just cool. Miami has a aquad but the Jets, is this beccase their at home or how they looked agianst Baltinore in their opener. Either way the action looks enticing.

San Diego Chargers

Seattle Seahawks +5½

My favorite new head coach is Petet Carrol. He brought in his own USC studs. He commands respect in the locker room and know how to coach them up and get them exited yo play, every play. Home dogs, come on man. The Seahawks whomped the Niners at home. The Niners hung with the Saints. The Hawks and the 12th man will make a game of this.


Saturday, September 25, 2010

NCAA Football Week 4

Week 4 is when some go big or go home. We've had a few weeks to watch. The Championship contenders are stating to separate themselves. Tonight, TCU stumbled through the first half but managed to play up to their expectations. I love how two schools from small conferences are in the National Championship conversation. Why does Cal always disappoint? Miami got back on track with a romping of NFL reject Wansant and Pittsburgh. Arkansans and Alabama, Ryan Mallet might make a star out of himself and the Razorbacks if his defense can hold Ingram and that beast of offense called the Tide. Looks to be a fabulous College Saturday.

Easy 2 Teamer: LOCKS OF THE WEEK

Georgia Tech -8

North Carolina State
ACC always has talent. The Yellow Jackets come in ranked 3rd in the nation in rushing but 42nd in scoring. They will control the ball and use their size and speed advantage to put up a bunch of points in a route.

Nevada -4.5


Quarterback Name Here lead the Wolf Pack to an impressive win over, pver rated Cal. Cal continues to disappoint, With that new training facility, that big contract and always playing below the hype, coach Tedford's job security will be question. Good thing the PAC 10 and USC don't look like the dominate forces they were in the past few years.

2 Team Under Dog, Out Right Long Shot

Central Michigan (+215)


The 2-1 Chippewas are nationally ranked 4th for points against and 25th in passing yardage. Sophmore quarterback Ryan Radcliff is looking to make a name for himself in the mac against Big Ten North Western 8th overall in points against. Gonna be a slobber knocker, the under looks good too.

Boston College (+165)

Virginia Tech

ACC Atlantic rivals. It's football season. Both of these college boast talented athletes in all sports. Same with the players on the field in this game. A bunch will be playing on Sunday in a few years. The Eagles opened up their season with a win against Stockton native and linebacker, Weber State Damien McMillian. V-Tech quarterback, T-Rod score from any where on the field. He can also slang the ball all around the field. l. Look for BC to blitz and test his pocket presence but will also sit down in zones and make him find the one on one match up when they blitz.

Other, Less Confident Picks

Purdue -11½


Arkansas +7½


Monday, September 20, 2010

What's the origin of your name?

Standard, Western, Biblical, Christian and really really boring and super uncreative. Michael the archangel, and Paul is my fathers name. Michael Paul, Not that I'm going to legally change my name to Boner or Bondangle, Mikey, Holllywood or any of the other creative nicknames i have accrued over the years.

Ask me about something though provoking or entertaining.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

NFL WEEK 2: Proving UR worth.

Gambling lesson # 1 Do not bet with your emotions or rooting interests. Sure it's fun and way more interesting, but usually they'll get ya. Rule #1 for this season stay away from any Raiders game. The Raiders are laying 3 points against the Rams. I am staying away from this game like a home Raider game on local television. Seriously, last year, 7 of 8 were blacked out and if they perform like they did in week one except every game to be blacked out. Cause if theres one thing the bay hates, is a loser. The Rams and 3 points looks good though. The Raiders might actually decide to show up and finally prove their worth. BIG NEWS!! Ryan Grant out for the year, somebody else important to fantasy geeks? How pissed are his fantasy owners? Everyone saw the Chiefs? The AFC West will be turn upside down this year. The Raiders have a great chance of staying at the bottom. Seriously when have the Raiders last had a winning season? Whatever, my football gambling season off to a great start. A handful of real wages and mostly wins. The SF Giants saved me, ur fans are getting to excited and the Brewers made me money twice the past couple of days. Week 2 games to watch: The Manning Bowl, Texans at Skins, Pats at Jets, and Steelers at Titans.

Kansas City +3


Arrowhead Stadium was rocking last Monday night. The Chiefs have a steady QB, a stud back and a good defense. The makings of a competitive NFL team. The Chargers looked past them. The Browns will not and will make a game of this. They battled against an improving Bucs squad last week and lost late. The Castle is being built in Kansas City.

Arizona +8


Arizona beat division rival St. Louis late in a battle of wills. Atlanta kicked a bunch of field goals against the championship defense of the Steelers. Arizona proved they are better than 8 large points in week one. Look for the Atlanta offense to continue to sputter against an underrated Arizona defense.

Buffalo +14

Green Bay

What does circling the wagons actually mean? I'm not quite sure, but The Swami always says no one circles those wagons like the Buffalo Bills. They will be pumped and ready to go. Football is a battle of wills. Hitting your opponent, so hard, so fast, they will loose the will to win. Green Bay will come out flat without their stud back. Their defense will pick them up, the under in this game looks good.

Tampa Bay +3.5


Tampa Bay quarterback Josh Freeman looks imrpoved from last year. Their defense looks better as well. They might be on their way to a Gruden type stellar and swarming defense the Raiders had when he coached. Carolina is searching for their quarterback. Mikey Moore, or Richard something like that hung with the Giants for a little bit but looked like a rookie in the quarter that matters. That will be the deciding factor in this game, like most, the best quarterback performance will win this game.

N.Y. Giants +6


The Manning Bowl, nuff said. Brothers pitted against each other in an epic duel, maybe we will get a rematch in the Super Bowl. The game will be way closer than 6 points. Does Archie have any more kids play collegiate ball?

New England

N.Y. Jets +3

Rex and Bilicheck. Two hard nosed coaches, defensible minded coaches. Both operate on complete different set of rules when dealing with the media. Rex Ryan embraces the attention and his team and certainly him feed off the attention. Bill Billiceck has the cold water syndrome. Much like a certain Bay Area mayor he splashes cold water on every damn thing. The Hoody despises the media, he their enemy. He only speaks in cliché and boring sports after game interview talk. Must watch on the field and on the sidelines. Epic match up for sure.


Washington +3

The Texans are getting no respect. Wait let me double check the spread...O The Skins are getting no respect after the win against Dallas. It wasn't the prettiest and you probably could say Dallas lost it. But Mcnabb is a proven commodity int the NFL. I'm taking him and the points. And Collinsworth said he is surrounded with the best talent in his entire career during the Sunday Night game. That says more about the frugality of the Eagles than it does Donovan.




So many teams, so many players and so much fun! College football is getting into mid season form. Cal disappointed already. I won a few baby bets tonight. The Giants paid me as well. The Cal game was a shoot out, I thought both defenses were better. I made a mistake betting the under, 67 points is a whole lot though. My buddy got a little get back but the Brewers came through and won outright. We both needed action on a friday night. Damn, I'm lucky I stayed away from the first game. Kanas got whompleded. Have they won

a game this year? I said I was going to do a whole college preview, prolly not. Is it too late? Prolly, it's week three and I've been busy and things are only looking like I will be busier. So if this not this weekend probably next season. For me, college takes a bit to know the teams, there is a quick turn around. On with theLOCKS! O yea, who is Dunta Robinsion and why didn't I hear about him
before the season started?

Alabama -23


Duke has a football team? Ya, who knew
it. The number one team in the nation will dominate. Next pick please. 


Oklahoma State -7

OK State is quick, talented and well
coached. The word around the street is this game has the feel of hooking up after after fighting with your girl, it's a make up sex game. The two schools have a long history but have been split up since 2000 something. OK state by a bundle. 

Northern Illinois


Illinois leads the Big Ten and ranks
14th nationally with 17 tackles for a loss. I know it's early but that stat reflects a great defense. Big school , small school. Illinois at home, crowd rocking nuff said. 

Arkansas +2


Game of the weekend. SEC football, cream of the crop. Ugga and the bulldoggs. But wait a second, Ryan Mallet is the quarterback. The under looks good in this but watch out you might get a little concussed while watching this. Close game, a true battle and test of wills. But Mallet and the Razor backs will put it out late and win out right. 



The only thing I have to say about this pick is I am questioning it. But UCLA is at home, and need to prove themselves. 

Baylor +17


TCU is a hell of a team, quick, talented, well coached. Baylor has an expeinced secondary. They are no pushovers and will make this a game.