Friday, August 27, 2010

Rasmussen Poll On Bush Tax Cuts Is Just One Of Many

People are busy and this organizing principle come to mind, people act out of self interest. The question becomes, do you believe in the honest goodness of people. I would like to think believe so and think if people were explained the situation they have a diffrent perspective on things.
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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ken Mehlman: I'm 'At Peace' With Myself, There's 'Absolutely' Room For Gays In The GOP

I wonder if liberals were making any kind of effort in reaching out to people like Ken. There is an organizing principle, no permit allies, no permanent enemies. If you find a group or person who wants to work on the same cause, you are going to work on that cause. But in order to do that, the two groups must at least have a working relationship and a continual dialogue going. I just wonder if liberal and dems had a dialogue going with the RNC or any conservatives during the time Ken ran the RNC. If they didn't, would anything had of changed if they did.
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Michael Enright, Alleged Muslim Cab Driver Stabber, Belonged To Pro-Park51 Group (VIDEO)

Again people are getting the facts wrong. There is no mosque being built. It is a community center with basketball courts, computer labs and things a community needs something like 7 or 8 stories high, open to all, with a Muslim place of worship on the top floor, also open to all. And that acronym sounds like a bad TMZ kock off.
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Michael Enright, Alleged Muslim Cab Driver Stabber, Belonged To Pro-Park51 Group (VIDEO)

"Consider this a checkpoint"

I am still wrapping my head around this story. A enraged whacko stabs an arab looking man who he does not know or has ever talk to. Then they report the stabber was working with a group supporting the community center. Next they partially retract that report. Maybe he volunteered.

I am an instant person, I appreciate having loads of information and instant gratification of most things and information. Reporting a story before we know THE BASIC FACTS leads to people coming to conclusions without having the facts presented to them. How can anyone be informed if this is considered acceptable journalism. People are busy and could easily miss the retraction and editing of basic FACTS of a news article.

Come on Huff Post, you are better than this. This is the kind of journalism TMZ practices. Get the some basic facts right before reporting.

This is sad but true, THERE IS NO SURPRISE HERE. The stabber heard there was an extremist mosque being built near his home and felt he needed to take action. He was being told who to blame, saw his target and completed his mission. Lets hope others synthetic to the stabber viewpoint think about the consequences of violence. Luckily the cabbie will walk away as a national celebrity.
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Hitler Jewish? DNA Tests Show Dictator May Have 'Had Jewish And African Roots'

OOOh the irony... and not to mention the self loathing.

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Finding Your Religion at College: 3 Questions to Guide You

I went to a Catholic high school, which was outrageously expensive even on finical aid. My Mom, brother and I struggled through those years. The education was phenomenal and the faculty had a majority of proud liberals who were active and passionate about social and economic justice. Everyday, I question if I went to public school would I be the person I am today. I was afforded opportunities others were not and am grateful for that. My experiences, hopes and aspirations tell me to believe most Christians and religious people have the heart in the right place. Well, thats why we get so upset, we know religions can produce both great and terrible things, hate and love, fear and hope. But I believe if regions as a whole lived up to there creed, it would be a different world. So the good Christians need to get up and speak out! Is this author assuming you find a religion in college?
About Education
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World Vision, Christian Humanitarian Organization, Wins Right To Hire, Fire Based On Religion

We should be cautious of the slippery slope. Correct me if I am wrong, but, isn't treating others how you want to be treated a valued Christian belief, like a core tenet. The golden rule, for gods sake. Explain to me, how this is Christian, excluding people based on non belief. This points more towards the Christan view of people. The Christian doctrine proposes I am evil. I am evil because I do not accept Jesus as my savior. Furthermore i must be saved from their original sin of being HUMAN, and EXISTING. I am not evil, I am rational. I think Jesus would have sided with me.
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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

aug 24 union city council mtg

the story of liang china over 2500 years from small villaege
the real reason im here is in support of a youth center being built in the decoto neighborhood

Monday, August 23, 2010

Obama Administration Stem Cell Regulations Temporarily Blocked

If u find an answer, please, do tell! You hit on a point that fascinates and amazes me every time I talk to a person with conflicting views, like you pointed out. They are so passionate about it, they evoke Jesus like they were one of the apostles. This judge has prevented research that will lead to curing diseases. Do they really believe Jesus would of stopped scientific progress that could heal diseases just so we could save some embryos and in turn have more kids subject to the diseases we could be curring!
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