Saturday, October 16, 2010


So, 14 games above 500 hundred, am I separating form the field? Or, have I been over rated and will I crumble late in the game as time expires. Auburn/Arkansas and Ohio State/Wisconsin big time teams, big time, conferences, must watch games. 7 weeks in I'm not really focused on many rules, road dogs are usually bad in the college game, I always keep that in mind. Snap counts, audibles a lot of stuff to deal with the on the road.

Ohio State +4

Big Ten, Big prime time football. A great opportunity for Wisconsin, at home to pick off a Heisman trophy candidate and a National Championship contender, and put a their names on the Map and the talking heads will proclaim the Big Ten has a great depth of great teams. #6 in points for, # 7 in points against, the Buck Eyes are the closest thing to a lock, even on the road. The Sweater-Vest will prepare his team for the road and the QB star, Pryor will shine in an impressive road victory.

Arkansas +3.5

69th in passing yards, 45th in points against but 8th ranked nationally in rushing yards. When a team gets one dimensional they get predictable, damn stale. Both of these teams can get stgant, the Tigers only average a little more than 200 yards passing per game, but when the option and the run is blazing, they are a contender in the talented SEC. Great football, must watch!

North Carolina
Virginia +6.5

The Cavaliers can slang it a little. Vercia has 1100+ passing yards but only 6 touchdowns. 71st in points scored, so the 6 and a HALF in crucial. The Tar Heels are not ranked over 45 in any major team stat. Virgina has learned from tough losses at Georgia Tech and Florida State.

Syracuse +1.5

The Herbstreet called Syracuse an outright win. Was it the hype machine or a true winner? I'll take the points and the home field advantage. 11th nationally ranked in points agiainst. Nuff said, next pick please.

Michigan St -7

Sparty, at home. Big win against big brother last week. Good thing it's only 7, they might be a little hung over from that win against the speedy Denard Robinson. 21st in points against, the Fighting Illini, cannot pass the ball, near the bottom in passing yards. Locked!

Iowa State
Oklahoma -22

Sooners at home, big school, big points, covered, easy! Right?

Miss. State
Florida -7.5

The Herbstreet, picked, Miss State, freaking out right, ballsy! Meyer, at home, Tebow Ltie. Come On HERB! Top ranked defense, top ranked rushing offense. Good progrmas, elite programs, do not loose 3 in a row. LSU, and Alabama, Gators roll after two disappointing losses.

Michigan -3

Home dog, take it. Denard, fast Michigan team, pumped to redeem themselves, at home. Seems easier then it looks. Going against the #1 ranked defense in the Hawkeyes, the Wolverines looked to set that early trend right and put up a gang of points.

Washington St +23.5

23.5 points at home, nuff said. Right? Crowd will help a less talented Washington State. I love home dogs, in college.



Friday, October 15, 2010

Answering some clown on the FB.

Citizens united made our fascist state official. Corruption is legal. Government was deemed for the private profit, not the public good.
1) Direct expenditures through trade associations or other special tax-exempt entities which expressly advocate the election, or defeat, of a particular candidate. Such outlays were forbidden by federal election law that was voided by the Court on First Amendment grounds in January of this year.


Hartman sums the problem up the best. How they destroy the public good and get the pubic to support destroying that good.

Hartman and I have moved past the Right/Left paradigm and realize it's about workers and corporations.

"I have heard nothing about business spending that much money this primary cycle."

Lay off the corporate cable news. The news channels get paid each time a political ad runs on their network and the other channels the networks own. These ads get you access to the voters. Without that $ you do not have the same access. Fox and MSNBC have the same agenda, $.

Wouldn't it be a better system, and we would find the best STATESMEN if they both STARTED WITH THE SAME AMOUNT OF MONEY. The one who spends it most wisely and wins the most votes.

Speech shouldn't be limited by the amount of money you have to raise to get your ads on the TV. Do you want your lawmakers making laws or fund raising?

Lawmaking please!

"I have heard nothing about business spending that much money this primary cycle."

REALLY??? no really?

"A sluggish economy hasn't slowed political donations this campaign season."

"So much cash is now flowing to both parties that the 2010 election is on track to be the expensive midterm in history."

"votes for bigger Government, and job killing regulations."

Less talking points and more independent thought.

We need sensible regulation to protect oil rig workers, miners and regulates for off shore drilling. BIG GOVERNMENT TO regulate home loans. Can you equate these recent disasters with with regulations being violated, for the private profit. The problem is the corporations who choose to violate and destroy any laws that affect their profit, like laws prohibiting mortgagees that adjust after a small teaser rate. How are regulation the enemy, how is government the enemy? Orwell would of not been surprised.

more articles on influence peddling in elections.

"By a stark 64 to 27 percent margin, voters oppose this decision, with 47 percent strongly opposed. A majority of Democrats, Republicans and independents are opposed, but independents show the strongest antagonism, with 72 percent disagreeing with the ruling"

DADT Repeal: Obama Vows To End DADT, While Seeking Stay Of Repeal Ruling

who drafted the legislation, who got paid to lobby, still getting paid to lobby. Just repeal it because you wouldn't want to be treated that way, forced to keep secrets, WTF!
About Gay Rights
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Sunday, October 10, 2010

FDIC Ready To Sue Executives From Failed Banks

no, how you pointed it out, thats hard, ur hard. Not the difficulty of the corporate jets sneaking stuff in!
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After a successful week it is important to stay with your bank roll management plan. Do not get over confident and stick with your normal size bets, you need to survive the swings of gambling. If you feel the need to put big money a a game, spread it over several games, hedge your bets a little. Great advice coming off a 5-0 NFL week last and a 4-1 college Saturday, yesterday. Must watch Monday night, Favre, Moss. Ryan and Sanchez, Revis island and the crazy coach. Biggest surprise so far, the Chiefs are the only undefeated team left in the league. They play the Colts, will it last, probably not. But will they cover, maybe the spread seems awfully high.It was a great college Saturday, will the pro day exceed the expectations?

Green Bay

Washington + 3

Skins and the pints at home. The past and future meet in this great and intriguing QB match up. Game will come down to a field goal. The Redskins fans haven't been this excited since, when were the Sins good? I do believe that was before my time. Mcnabb, Rodgers, freakn nuff said.

Denver +7


Orton can sling it. But will he make a mistake, and the Ravens could easily put this game out of reach not let them linger around like average defenses. Baltimore at home. A rule I usually live by is not betting against Ray Lewis and his defensive. But the Broncos looked impressive against the Tennessee defense they are way better than getting 7 points on the road.

Kansas City +8


Kansas City has looked like the class of the AFC West. Above average, good defense, steady offense around the Castle.

Tennessee +6


Picks on the wire. Always get your picks in early, but not too early. Injuries and the line can change. Get up early, take care of it, make those deadlines. Dallas has big expectations, look for them to struggle early but reddem themselves and possibly blow out the Titans. But coaches match ups are always key. Jeff Fischer is a better, more proven coach than the Cowboy's Wade Phillips. The Titans will be ready for a fight and make this game close, a field goal will decide.

Minnesota +5

N.Y. Jets

Must watch, game of the week. Sensational story lines, a new face to the old Vikings. If Moss can deliver, will the perception of the Hoody change? Will questions start to boil, or does 3 Super Bowls assure you the respect of the league for the rest of your career. Well, if it works that way, I understand, he's a walking legend, with the final chapters yet to be written,. Just watch, the hype machine will get u hyped for this one, believe me! A last question, will the Raiders have a home game televised this year, not looking that way.

2010 NFL Record 15-7-1