Saturday, October 23, 2010


Some college football Saturdays, you miss all of the morning games. Maybe it was the schooling or work week that wore you out and your playing catch up on your sleep from just last night. Either way, your pissed cause you knew they're some winners in there. So, you reminder your self, they all could been losers as well and continue with the games yet to kick off, assuming you have some insight in the game you will be risking something on.

North Carolina +6.5

Miami (FL)

One of those rules a few seasons back would be bet only against the Tarheels in football. But a lot has changed, both teams have quarterbacks who can sling the ball. Jacory Harris for Miami can get loose from any spot on the field. The game will be close, and Miami will win by a late field goal set up by a Jacory Harris scramble from mid field to with in range of their kicker.


East Carolina -13.5

ECU always has many game during the week. It seems they own the Versus channel as well. Marshall got the spot light a few weeks ago and if they hope to compete in this game, they must play harder and faster. ECU by a bunch of touch downs.

Wisconsin +6.5


Big schools from the Big ten. Iowa should have been on my radar, but they sneaked up on me and played fabulous football except when they lost to Arizona, at home. I expect that to continue but this will be a close Big Ten conference struggle. Iowa by a late field goal.

Kansas State

Baylor -6.5

Baylor is ranked 13th in the nation in passing yards. Kansas State defends the pass ranked in the middle of the nation. Look for Baylor to take its opportunities down field, and win those battles. Baylor in a blow at home.


Missouri +6

Plus six, at home. Confrence rivals, Tigers competing with the number 1 team in the nation. Much to play for and be excited as a Missouri fan. Great game, must watch! Can't Wait!


Oklahoma St +3

Cowboys, at home. Gundy giving his I am a man speech! I learned the lesson of never betting against your favorite coach when, even when coach is on the road against a conference rival. Cowboys roll at home.

Arizona State +3


Cal has been embarrassed a few times this season and lasts. Always coming in with high expectations, coach Tedford has yet to find a quarterback to lead his team to PAC dominance and his dreams of being in the national championship conversation will have to wait for next year again.

Louisiana State

Auburn -5

The battle of the red and crimson Tigers against, the yellow and purple of LSU Tigers. Auburn's Jordan-Hare Stadium will be the loudest in recent memory. 1 quarterback, 2 names Cameron Newton. The speedy QB can throw the ball as well the ability to score from any spot on the field. LSU and Les Miles keep it close through the first half, but Auburn runs it up and in their face in the quarters where it counts most.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Veterans Group Files FEC Complaint Against The Chamber: Foreign Funds Pose 'Clear And Present Danger' To U.S. Democracy

word, can we compare the amount of profits one of these conglomerate with those of a union coffer? The unions hold piddles in amount of $ and influence when compared to these mulit national corporations. Union goals are to protect workers, corporations are psychopathic by nature, they were created to make money. Add a culture that values money and power above all else and we end up with a unique blend of corporate fascism with a dictator who forces us to buy private health care! But the same President signed the same bill which prohibits same private insurers from throwing people off health insurance for being sick. With the other guys in power, they were refusing too see sick people, throwing them out on the streets.

Why don't you try reading somethings before you enrage a flame war.


Of the 100 largest economies in the world, 51 are corporations; only 49 are countries (based on a comparison of corporate sales and country GDPs).

And why do u feel the need to defend the kings?
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Veterans Group Files FEC Complaint Against The Chamber: Foreign Funds Pose 'Clear And Present Danger' To U.S. Democracy

They have the same mentality as gangster rappers, $ over bitches, I mean citizens.
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Sunday, October 17, 2010


Some gamblers like to use trendy trends but like each black jack hand, each hand, or game has is its own independent trial. American football is more compacted than a deck of cards. The players are human and we are limited to the information that would affect their play. Many variables, but coaches don't change often. The NFL is about having a system that puts players in the best position to win and knows when the players start declining in production. And frekin quarterbacks, without a quarterback, you could end up 0-5, like the 49ers.

San Diego -8.5
St. Louis

The Chargers want to make a statement after a loss to the Raiders. After beating a team 13 times in a row, you will get mad when the streaks ends. The Rams will learn this lesson and will not make a game of this. The rookie Bradford will struggle against a tough Changer defense.

Kansas City +4

The Castle against the Schaub. Coach Hailer for the Chiefs, the Billicheck disciple will have his team ready, on the road. Texas, dead last in passing defense. Matt Castle will eat up the secondary and look to establish themselves as a power in the AFC.

New England -2.5

I was thinking about picking the Ravens on the road, but if rule # 1 is don't bet against Peyton, then rule 1 a is don't bet against Brady and Bellicheck. Must watch game, nuff said.

Minnesota -1.5

Ohh, the rumors in Dallas will be swirling about coaches job security if they cannot pull a road win against the gun slinger Favre. Both have tough and aggressive defense. Head will be rolling, knocking and careers might be on the line. Vikes by 6 in the desperation bowl.

Pittsburgh -14
Big Bens's return, he's ready for his redemption story. Back to being himself, a football player, he said. The Steelers roll at home, excited to see their start quarterback back on the field.

N.Y. Jets
Denver +3.5

So are the Jets doing hard knocks again? It only makes sense, they found the best character in the NFL, Rex Ryan. They slip a little this week. Denver, at home, win outright by a field goal.

New Orleans -4
Tampa Bay

Bucs quarterback Josh Freeman is being hyped as a player who can lead the Bucs back to where Gruden lead them, the Super Bowl. I'm not buying it, not this week. Saints are looking for a statement game on the road against a young and tough Tampa Bay team.

Oakland +7

San Fransisco

Battle of the Bay bitches. No way more than 4 points separates these teams. They are trying to entice the Raider Nation into wagering. We are and probably betting big after a great win over San Diego. I can't wait.

2010 NFL Record 17-10-1