Saturday, October 30, 2010


It's definitely because of the top Raiders countdown on the NFL Network on in the background because I am not picking them as a favorite and most likely wont this season. They showed they can dominate a game, it was beautiful. The Raiders haven't won back to back games in 23 games, they haven't been 500 in a couple of years, they have a great opportunity to achieve both of these things and we'll find out if they are contenders. Ya, all road dogs, thats college you stay away from road dogs. These are professionals, they are suppose to be ready for the crowd noise and play smart football. Anyone hear about Favre's injury? Unplug from the hype machine, its football day.



The Dallas Cowboy's season has been proclaimed over, their star quarterback out for at least a couple of months. Already off to a terrible start their hopes turn to Jon Kitna, a talented defense and the running game. The last reason, the under looks good, and the spread looks great. Dallas might win, this game will be close, both teams can and will establish a running game and keep the score low. Kitna has been in the league 14 years you don't stay around that long and not be able to carry a team with a solid running game and defense, don't count the Cowboys out yet. Cowboys by a field goal.

Denver +2.5

San Fransisco

San Fransisco fans are too occupied with the Giants to comprehend how over rated their team was this year. At quarterback, the defense and firing the offense coordinator all symptoms of a team exp[ecting too much. Luckily for the 49ers the fans are distracted by the World Series, I can sympathize and would mind if one of my teams suffered through a terrible season if my other team got a chance for a world title. Denver has a lot to prove after a disastrous loss last week.

Green Bay+6

N.Y. Jets

Rodgers and a proven Green Bay offense against a star defense and offense but a young quarterback who might be thinking too high of himself and needs a snap back to reality, like the Packers. This is must watch football and way closer than 6 points. Next pick please!


San Diego

The Chargers come in against the Titans ranked 1st in passing yards, 1st in opponents passing yards and 4th in opponents rushing yards. The only stat not in the the top five is, rushing yards. The Chargers are tied for last with the Broncos and their stats are refletive of a team who makes timely mistakes and throws the ball way too much. Yes a talented quarterback, but throwing more than needed will get you picked and turnovers loose games more than anything else.

Tampa Bay+3


Tampa Bay head coach, Raheem Morris, claimed his squad is the best in the league. Confidence, the odds makers don't feel the same. But remember their goal is to induce action, can you resists the points? Trendy pick, maybe. Who quarterbacks for the Cardinals, exactly.

2010 NFL SEASON RECORD: 22-17-3

LAST WEEK: 2-4-1

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I believe one of the rules when predicting the out comes for college football is stay away from road favorites. The reasoning seems to be logical, these are not professionals they make mistakes. Ad an audience of thousands of screaming, probably intoxicated, rowdy and hostile fans those mistakes are amplified. So, the trendy trend this week seems to be the top ranked teams will fall as road favorites. TCU is the only lock but 35 points is whomp dinger. Auburn, Oregon, Michigan State will all win on the road, MSU is getting almost a touchdown so that looks to be the lock of the week. BCS haters will have to wait another week for the unbeaten big conference teams to loose so Boise State can sneak into the national championship game. All these top ranked teams on the road are must watch, it looks to be another great week in college football land.

Michigan St+6.5


With quarterback, Kirk Cousins having thrown 14 touchdowns a receiver with 4 touchdowns and another with 5. With two backs who can score from anywhere on the field, Edwin Baker and Le'Veon Bell. Both underclassmen, Baker the sophomore has 7 touchdowns and the freshman Bell has 8 end zone celebrations. Iowa and quarterback Stanzi are coming off a tough home loss against Wisconsin and will be motivated again at home. But the Spartans are getting 6 and a half, lock it in.


Boston College

The Clemson Tigers have a top 20 ranked defense. A speedy running back in Andre Ellington. This game will be more about how bad Boston College is. Not ranked above 60 in any major team statistic. Ya, a road favorite, you beazy.

Oklahoma St -4

Kansas State

My favorite college coach let me down last week against a tough Nebraska team. Gundy and his Cowboys can slang the ball down field. With 21 touchdowns already this season and rankled 3rd in passing Junior Brandon Weeden will lead his team to an impressive road victory.



4th in points against, the Missouri Tiger have a tough team identity on that side of the ball. Ranked near the bottom in rushing yards they might be too reliant on the passing game.

Texas Tech+7.5

Texas A&M

Big in state game in a big state. Will be close by the rule of most great rivalry games are close, closer than seven and a half points.


Oregon St-3

Cal won big last week, look for them to stumble on the road and the chatter about coach Tedford's job security will continue.

Ohio State


Ohio state is good but not that goods on the road. Minnesota looses by two touchdowns. Have a safe but terrifying Halloween. Lates

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Pittsburgh -3


Big Big in his second game back, over rated Dolphins. Mollywhomped, it might be close for a half or so but the Steelers defense will keep the Dolphins AWAY from the end zone and the Steelers offense will play keep away and control the ball with the run and smart quarterback play. Chad who? Henne, exactly, a top rule is always bet with the better quarterback and if that quarterback has a hall of fame defense behind him, its a damn lock!


Atlanta -3.5

Matty ice, home field, Turner the Burner, an overrated and over hyped Cincinnati team; it looks to be an easy winner. The Natti has some talent but is young on defense but have two great and aging wide receivers, a great quarterback who can sling it. But football is the ultimate team sport. This means nothing if the Bengals cannot stop the Atlanta offense. Flacons in a blow out!


New Orleans -13.0

Drew Brees against a weak Cleveland defense, I am a little surprised the spread isn’t 16 or 18. This game will get out of hand early. Who play quarterback for the who? What is the name of the football team in Cleveland, do they still have a basketball team?



Some games are statement games. Usually for one team the statement qill lead to a new confidence, some might say swagger. The Ravens defense already has this swag, the offense is on its way there, Ravens and Flacco in a route.

San Francisco

Carolina +3

The 49ers coming off the big win in battle of the boo boo bay. Both teams looked pathtic, it was an offense struggle, not a defense battle. The bad news for bay area football is the 49ers have a little hope and it will be crushed by the 0-5 panthers.

St. Louis

Tampa Bay-3

Buccaneers at home, weak St. Louis defense and a rookie quarterback. Enough reasons the home favorite should cover, probably easy.

New England +2.5

San Diego

Brady and Billicheck as underdogs, never pass up this rare opportunity to receive points and have an elite quarterback against a team that loss to the Raiders! Come on man!

2010 NFL SEASON RECORD:20-13-2

LAST WEEK: 4-3-1